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Title format dialog box- limited to fields shown?
IMHO the file path is an important information. If the proposed tag in the title causes problems it is not important there. But in "Song List Format" that should not be an issue, it is used only for "Generate Song List" in the setlist's menu. No problem if this takes a long time.
Another proposal: currently the only possibility that I found to check the file path is on the "Files" tab of the song editor. If I long press a file name there, a pop-up with the file's path is shown. Alas it fades away, even if I keep the filename pressed. It would be much better if that pop-up stayed visible as long as I hold the filename or shows up when a file is tapped and disappears after a second  tap or whatever is easy to implement.
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Itsme:  It looks like custom and custom2 are comment fields where you can make notes specific to a particular song, like "Learned from Uncle Bo" or "Dedicated to Shelly Halpern."  The inclusion of custom2 means you can make 2 notes per song.  Right?
I use to use both custom 1 and 2 for alternate song names.  But some songs I have include 4 or 5 different names.  So I use to think I needed a separate custom field for each of those and requested those additional fields from Mike ages ago.  But now I just put them all in one custom field and separate them by a ",".  That way I can add them to the Song Title Format and I can also search on them.  And I've saved a custom field2 for something else I might need.  

I think a lot would be remedied if people would consider using the "," and putting more than one related entry in a custom field.

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