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Annotate song for specific setlist
Warning: I'm new, and still trying to figure out how to organize everything. I think I've mostly figured it out, but:
Is there a way to add notes to a song for a particular setlist? Or something else that will serve the purpose? For example, I play the same tune with different groups, but when I'm playing with group A it's unison, then I play harmony, then my partner does but with Group B, I play only melody.
Hi Jeanne, I would import the song twice and give it two different names like 'Song group A' and 'Song group B' and save each with the relevant annotations.
Thanks--that would work, and would be better than switching annotation groups if it's bands that I'm playing with frequently. For an occasional gig, may be just as easy to set up an annotation group for the specific event and not duplicate songs. Any further thoughts welcome!
In stead of importing the song twice, which will cause the image files (jpg, pdf...) to be stored twice, you could use the copy function, which will result in having the song twice in the library, but with both instances of the song refering to the same set of image files. Thus saving on storage space . . .
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This reminds me of something I was going to ask for also.

Annotation pages (templates) that can be stored and applied to any song, setlist, collection, album etc. (as a layer so it can be turned on or off as needed - further annotations can be made but separate from them) - like layers in Photoshop.
I was thinking this would be useful for a collection that might be Bb transposed, so that collection could have an annotation page applied to it with Bb in the top corner for instance. This means you do not have to add Bb to every chart. (If you swap instruments, you can see what transposition you are looking at). However if some of the PDFs already have it embedded, it can be turned off for them.

Any plans for something like this Mike?
Elements of the features you are asking for are present (layers that can be shown/hidden), but you are the first to request annotation page templates that could be applied like that. I can definitely consider that for the future, but I have quite a few challenging problems to solve first, such as being able to write out annotations to file or fixing the stamp implementation to use a font instead of bitmaps.

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