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Same song, different instruments
My apologies if this has been covered, a search didn't help me...
I want to have separate versions of the same song for different instruments.

I have a version of 'Take It Easy' for ukulele already imported (PDF file).
When I try to import a version for guitar, I get an 'overwrite' dialog (naturally?).
The only way I can see to have multiple versions of the same tune is to append the instrument to the title.

Take It Easy-Ukulele
Take It Easy-Guitar
Take It Easy-Banjo
Take It Easy-Sitar

This seems a bit clumsy to me.
If there is a better/different way to do this, please point me in the right direction.

I could be wrong, it happened once before.
You could merge all the files into one PDF then set up bookmarks or make separate songs within MS (each containing that instrument's page).
Or as you suggested already, use an appended title. I do this with different instrument keys of the same song—I add the instrument key to the song filename and title the song from the filename. I can search for the title and it will show all the different instrument keys of the same song, or I can use my instrument category if I want all songs for that instrument.
Others here might have other suggestions Smile
I have been toying around with the concept of supporting multiple versions of songs, so that each version could contain different metadata/annotations/files if desired, and when the song is loaded, you could select which version to load. Either that or when the song is edited, you can pick which version is currently active, and this would reflect how the song shows up on the library screen. I might also provide a way to quickly switch the version on the library screen. This would support your use of instrument, as you could just create different versions for each instruments and then when you want to load the song, you would select the version you want to load. With setlists, you could select the version of the song you want at a particular position of a setlist. I'm not sure if this would be a more elegant solution or not. With individual entries on the library screen, it might be faster to filter and load the one you want. I'm open to ideas and suggestions.

Maybe have a system so if you pick a song with multiple versions, you can click on a heading (or something) to show other versions of the same song.

This is a nice option if you have the same song in different keys, or for different instruments, or different arrangements for different bands/vocalists, etc..

Not sure exactly how to implement it, but does sound like a nice advanced feature (for after you finish the new update).

I have different tunings I use so I made the custom group 'tuning' and included the 'custom group' in the 'song title formatting'. These 'tunings are the same as using different instruments so I think the basics are already there. I do suggest there be more of these 'custom groups' to allow a bit more custumizing of the 'group tabs' and that they carry most if not all of the capabilities of the 'collections'/'setlist' groups. I would think this should be pretty easy to code also.
This allows me to see all of the 'tunings' [instruments] in the main song tab, using identical song titles. As a note I have 'let MSP manage my files', 'Create subdirectories for songs', and 'copy audio files' checked in 'settings>storage'.  
This setup gives me 5 versions of a song titled "Amazing Grace" and 3 of "Aura Lee", with the differences shown in the sub titles [I use 'key', 'tuning' and 'source' (for the arranger)].
Aura Lee
G DGA#d arranger 1
Aura Lee
D DAdd arranger 2
Aura Lee
D DAdd arranger 3
Dell Latitude 13.5" 2-in-1 Ubuntu/Win 11
Samsung Note Pro SM-P900 12.2 Android 5.0.2
Samsung S7+, Android 12
Thank you all for the responses and suggestions!
After further consideration, I realize I already have many duplicates for different instruments ('regular ukulele' vs. Baritone), and indeed some of those are further duplicated by the key it is in! Blush 

Appending the instrument the version is written for (in the title) should not really be a problem, as I have created 'collections' based on instruments.

If I sit down to play on guitar, I can easily sort for my 'guitar' collection, and only see songs I have that are written for guitar.
As time goes on, I will certainly be creating setlists that will further refine the selection process.

I'm a definite N00B here, so my only defense is that I was flummoxed by the importation of the first PDF I created myself. Big Grin

Considering the power and versatility of the software, it would be easy to go down a road that might be made easier with a bit more knowledge...so I asked.
I could be wrong, it happened once before.
Skip - adding additional custom categories/groups is on my radar for a future update. I created an issue for this awhile back: http://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/issues...cgi?id=155

The issue is not the name of the song, it is the name of the PDF file. You can have two songs with the same name, but you can't have two PDF files with the same name and location.

One thing you might consider is if you turn off the "Let mobile sheets manage my files" option. Then you could have a folder for each instrument and put the PDF there. Then you can have PDFs with the same name, but in a different location.

If you want the songs to have the same name, you can. Then what I would do is have a category for each instrument and assign the song to the relevant category. Then you could filter on category when you don't want to show all instruments.

You can also make the category part of the title shown in the library. Then you would be able to see which song is which.


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