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Search song from within setlist
I've been using mobilesheets on stage for a few months now, and it's working quite nicely. One feature that I'm missing is the ability to -quickly- display a song that is not on the setlist.

My bandmates (using ipad and fourscore) have the option to press a looking glass, and search any song in the library. So I'm looking for something like that. just one press to bring up a search window.

It would be even better if you could return to the setlist immedietely after the song.

If this search option would be implemented it would be great if you have the option to have it always visible. Because whenever someone decides we're gonna play something else than what's on the setlist, I'm always short on time.
I'm assuming it's too time consuming to bring up the overlay to view the setlist popup window, then tap on the add button to find a song on the library screen, then tap on that song to add it temporarily to the current setlist? I can definitely think about adding a similar popup window to the one you describe where you would have to type in a name to search for the song. That probably is faster than tapping the add button on the setlist overlay, then typing in the song title in the search window at the top. I think what I will do is, once I remove the zoom bar at the bottom of the screen (positional zooming is coming), it will make room for more buttons. One button could be a quick search bar that will bring up a floating search window that you can leave up in the overlay if desired. Once a result is found in this search window, you can either load that song or add it to the current setlist.
yeah that would be great. Usually when we decide to play a song, that's not on the setlist, it's to keep people dancing or something like that. Sometimes the drummer has already started his count in when I'm still hoping to hear which song we're gonna play, so every second counts.

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