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Export song chooses wrong song and wrong location
I am trying to export one (long) song. My procedure is this:
- long hold on name of song until that song is selected in song list
- once selected, choose SHARE, then Export files
- this brings up the Select the Export Location screen; I then select the Dropbox icon, which opens my dropbox folder correctly. I then navigate to the internal dropbox folder I wish to save the exported song to and choose OK.
- This brings up the Export Files window where I can select 4 options for the fils to be exported. I have them all checked. HOWEVER, I am no longer in the selected dropbox folder, but in the "folder" that lists all the songs in my library. Furthermore, in the Export Files popup, the Path listed does indeed show the path as follows:
   Path:  / data/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/cache/myfile.pdf (This was not the dropbox location I'd just chosen):
When I click on OK (even though I think the path is incorrect), it opens the Export in Progress popup which says it is Exporting file NOTWHATICHOOSE.pdf

So, what I believe is happening is that it is choosing a path for export that is NOT the path that I selected, and it is exporting the wrong file.

Please help!
I'll look into it. One thing to note is that the export is first done to the cache directory and then uploaded to Dropbox, so that path isn't necessarily wrong. I probably just need to update the code to display the Dropbox path instead of the intermediate cache path. If it's exporting the wrong files, that's definitely an issue.

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