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Irealpro support?
(08-29-2016, 10:50 PM)BRX Wrote: I seem to remember from your posts that you're coming from guitar and use pedals and chordpro heavily.

I fail to see how that is relevant, except from a different workflow -- some of us deal with multi-page scores and some (including you) deal with single page scores. So you don't have much need for paging.

If you leave out MSPro functionality for showing and paging, no setlists etc., the idea of adding 'foreign' scores may become feasable.

Nevertheless except for pedals and paging, the complications I mentioned in my post still stand.

Please do not take me wrong -- I would kill to have MSPro builtin support for iRP, MScore, and so on... I would add it myself it that were possible (already did the iRP part).
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I can certainly see the value in supporting the ability to launch external applications for unsupported file types. It's not a minor change though. In order for the application design to still work, I would need to create one page songs from unsupported file types so that you can still page through setlists and such (and load the song individually). When the the song is shown and the file type is seen as being unsupported, an intent would be sent out indicating that the associated file needs to be loaded. If a default application is associated with that file type, it should be used automatically to load the file. If not, a list of applications would be shown that support that file type (I'm sure you've probably seen this behavior already). I'm not sure it's going to be a very good user experience having to jump between applications, but I suppose it's better than nothing.

Currently, I filter out unsupported file types in the file browser. In order to support any file type, I would probably want to add a new Import->External Application File option (or something along those lines). This would show all files on the tablet. There are plenty of other UI changes I'll have to make for things like the song editor, cropping editor, etc, so that certain features are disabled for unsupported file types.

If I see an increased demand for supporting this functionality, I'll raise the priority, but until then, I'm going to wait until a lot of other higher priority issues/requests are addressed first.

The existing 'links' feature in MSP already allows opening MSCZ files in MuseScore Songbook. I already posted examples how that can be achieved (more to come).
Why and how I use this:
I edit scores in MuseScore on the PC, export PDF(s) in my favorite key(s) that I use in MSP as usual. Just in case a different key is required, I am able to open the original MSCZ file in MuseScore Songbook and transpose it within seconds.
To continue with the normal MSP workflow  I have to close Songbook.
Going to a different application is easy, the problem is coming back. As soon as the 'foreign app' is opened it receives all the user input, which is out of the scope of MSP.
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I'm glad you see value in the suggestion. I'm a bit disappointed in the a bit underwhelming reactions to it since I was so excited about it.

I'm well aware of the limitations which essentially are the same as those if one "manually" switches to an external application and back.

But I like the idea of MSP as a "gateway" to all sheet music combined with all the organizing power of MSP. Might be because I value MSP at least as much as an archival and organizing tool and not only as a sheet displayer since for my own playing it's more of a fallback if my memory fails me or to provide others with sheetmusic.

And the organizing capabilties in MuseScore and iRealPro are pretty non-existent (the file handling in IRP is especially horrible IMHO).

Hope you can add something in the foreseeable future. :-)
With Fakebookpro you can transfer a Fakebookpro song into MS. That was extremely helpful for me (allowed me to annotate, mix in setlist with other charts, etc.)

Can't do that with iRealPro? (sorry if I'm coming off clueless).

Sure, you can export from irp and ms to pdf and Import that to MSP. But you lose the ability to transpose on the fly.
(09-07-2016, 06:21 AM)BRX Wrote: Sure, you can export from irp and ms to pdf and Import that to MSP. But you lose the ability to transpose on the fly.

Okay, gotchya.

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