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batch import inconsistency -- 15 of 22 songs failed
I just finished editing 22 new PDF files, and tried to import them into MobileSheets Pro version 1.3.8.

7 of the 22 songs were imported correctly.  The other 15 failed to import, but the error message didn't say why, only that the import failed.

I've had songs fail to import in the past, but only because there were illegal characters in the filename (that is, characters which are valid on Linux, but not necessarily in Android).

That's not the case this time; here's a complete list of the files which failed:

   169 I Got It Bad.pdf
   170 Sweet Child O' Mine.pdf
   172 Perhaps Love.pdf
   173 Irish Tune from County Derry.pdf
   174 Witch Doctor.pdf
   175 Bohemian Rhapsody.pdf
   176 Jesus Comfort Me.pdf
   177 Happy Birthday.pdf
   178 String Quartet in F Major.pdf
   183 Kaze.pdf
   184 Hanging Tree.pdf
   185 Something Jazzy.pdf
   186 Bare Necessities.pdf
   187 Gold aus Ophir ist zu schlecht.pdf
   188 The Muppet Show Theme.pdf

The files which were imported successfully are

   171 The Wounded Cupid.pdf
   179 The Maid Who Sold Her Barley.pdf
   180 Sax medley.pdf
   181 Blackhorn.pdf
   182 Kurimedo.pdf
   189 Princess Leia's Theme.pdf
   190 Siciliano (WIP).pdf

My workflow for the import was exactly the same as it's been since the introduction of MobileSheets Pro.  I noticed that the release notes for 1.3.7 mention that inferring metadata from file paths is now supported again, but the release notes don't say how to use this feature and so I didn't try.

I'm open to the suggestion that there's something wrong with the failed PDF files, but offhand I can't guess what that might be; all 22 of the files I tried were produced the same way, using the same Linux tools I always use.
Can you take a screenshot or make a note of all of the settings you used on the batch import screen? I can't seem to reproduce any problems at the moment, so I want to make sure I'm testing the same way you are. Did you change any settings under Settings->Import Settings? If you changed any settings under Settings->Storage, also let me know about that. It would also help to know if you have Settings->Display Settings->Render Preference set to quality or speed.

Here are my settings:

    - batch import:
          [ ] Scan all directories for files
          [x] Avoid duplicate songs
          [x] Update songs if matching files are found   (that's my usual setting, but I also tried with this turned off and had the same problem)
          [ ] Automatically crop pages

          Title:  Use Filename As Title

          I also specified values for Artists, Genres and Albums; the other groups were left unspecified

- under Import Settings, all four options are unchecked

- for Storage, I have the following:

[x] Let MobileSheets Manage My Files
storage location: /mnt/sdcard/MobileSheets live data
[x] Expose Database File
[ ] Delete Original After Copy
[x] Create Subdirectories For Songs
[ ] Copy Audio Files
[ ] Add Unique ID to Filenames

- Render Preference is set to quality
I forgot to mention last night that after the batch import failed, I also tried importing one of the failed pieces individually, and that failed also.

Is there any chance that the import code could be modified to say why a given piece is rejected?
After all that, it turns out this whole thing was a false alarm.

Just now I tried opening some of the failed PDF files with Acrobat Reader, and that failed also, claiming that the files were corrupt.  Then I opened one of the ones which had been successfully imported, again with Acrobat Reader, and while it opened correctly, the actual contents didn't match the filename; instead it was the next file in sequence.

...so then I deleted all of the PDF files from the tablet, transferred them to the tablet again (using the same ftp program I'd used to transfer them originally last night), and this time all 22 were imported successfully.

I don't understand this at all, but clearly somehow the file transfer last night failed without any notice.  I apologize for wasting your time on this!

I do still request error messages from the MobileSheets import process, though. Rolleyes   If MobileSheets had told me last night that there was something wrong with the file contents, I might have figured out what was going on right away without having to ask for help.
I'll work on trying to provide better failure messages. I'm glad there were no serious problems.

(03-02-2016, 04:43 PM)Zuberman Wrote: I'll work on trying to provide better failure messages.  I'm glad there were no serious problems.


Thank you!

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