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Solution for unequal page scaling would be nice

I use 22 inch tablet in landscape mode, displaying 2 pages at a time

Some of my scanned score pages (mostly jpg) do not contain a full page A4. Mostly the case when taken from scorebooks where multiple songs are printed on the same page.
So in the case of a score that takes one and a half page, there would be a scan of one page, full A4 size, and a scan of half of the second page (so only half A4).

When shown on the screen in MSPro this leads to situations where there is a substantial difference in scaling between the two pages of the same song. So the size of the notes / texts of the second page are displayed far bigger than those of the first page. (see screen shot)

It would be nice if there were a solution to prevent or correct that.
- Maybe a virtual screen size where the user can indicate (draw) the part of the screen to use for displaying scores. Not using the full with of the actual screen would in this case prevent the second page from becoming too big.
- Or allowing a page to be scaled out manually
- Or inverse cropping
- Or ....
- Or mabe something allready exists ??



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MSI Cubi 5 mini pc with IIyama prolite 24" touchscreen-Windows 11, HP Slate 17-Android 4.4.4, iPad Pro 12.9 gen2-iPadOs16
Yamaha Genos 1, Roland PK-6, Yamaha PSR SX900
It's a little tedious, but you can do the following:

1) Open the song, bring up the overlay, tap the display settings at the bottom left and select "Zoom/Pan Settings"
2) Change the zoom settings to "Current Page Only" and check the "Allow zoom out smaller than 100%"
3) Turn to page two of your song and zoom out until it's the size you want.

I have some songs like yours, and until now, I've just sort of been ignoring the problem, even though I agree it's not the best. Here is an interesting idea: if I added a new "uniform scaling" mode, this could work in one of two ways:

1) I look at the first page of the song, and ensure that every page is scaled by the same amount as the first page. I think this should work and the logic is fairly simple (although it throws a wrench into my framework which may be the case no matter what I do).
2) I size all of the pages first to figure out the zoom levels, I find the page that is being scaled the smallest, and then I scale them all to that size. This would be safer than option #1 because then all of the pages are guaranteed to look correctly. The problem is, if it's a 500 page PDF, I can't realistically go through all 500 pages before I start rendering the first, because there would be an enormous delay.

Another variant of the first option would be to look at a certain number of pages to first figure out which page is the largest (and will therefore be scaled the smallest) and use that as the baseline for zooming the pages. If another page is encountered later that is larger and therefore scaled smaller, the baseline could be updated and future pages would be rendered using that scale value. I think in most cases, this is a fairly safe thing to do, as most PDF pages are fairly uniform in width. If there are any slight variations, this wouldn't really matter much, as the scaling difference probably wouldn't even be noticeable.


As far as I can tell, the "zoom/pan settings" are only available in portrait mode. I use my tablet in landscape so I don't see them.

Concerning your "uniform scaling" suggestions, for my "problem cases" at least, I think checking the first 2 pages would be enough. It is allway's either the first or the last page (in my cases) of the song that is smaller than the rest.

Not sure what you mean by the wrench thing.. . If it means that it would complicate things, maybe best not to bother. It would definitely look better if the pages were scaled equal, but it is after all, only a cosmetic thing . . .

I would be perfectly happy to manually zoom out every problem page smaller than 100%, so perhaps having the "zoom out smaller than 100 %" available in landscape mode would be enough to solve the issue . . .


MSI Cubi 5 mini pc with IIyama prolite 24" touchscreen-Windows 11, HP Slate 17-Android 4.4.4, iPad Pro 12.9 gen2-iPadOs16
Yamaha Genos 1, Roland PK-6, Yamaha PSR SX900

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