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Batch cropping
Currently I'm batch cropping lots of newly imported files. I like how you can easily save and go to the next page within the song with the arrow. Can this be extended to the next file in the group to save touches and time? Would be much more efficient for batch editing.
No, it's not really set up for that. If you load the entire group as a setlist, then you can do that. Just tap "Load All" at the top of the group first.
That's just as good. Thanks for the advice.

Any chance something similar is possible (or you can make possible) from within the metadata editing screen for songs in setlists?
Multi selection works nicely in combination with the song editor.
Easier to do it than describing it. Long press a song, then check a number of songs and open the song editor.
You can edit all checked songs and fields that are equal or different for all the selected songs are visually marked. Just give it a try.
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Thanks, but I know and use that of course (sometimes with unintended results as I wrote in another thread,

This works only if you have identical data to edit. That's not what I meant.

I'm currently correctinng a lot of titles and custom fields which have all individual edits. For these it would be nice to get to the next file without leaving the edit screen (similar to cropping).
I could add an overflow menu to the song editor screen and add a new option - "Accept and edit next". This would apply all current changes and then open the next song in the group last viewed on the library screen. That wouldn't be too hard to do. Would that meet your needs?
It would be a big improvement. A click more than the arrows i envisioned but still good. But wouldn't it be better to make an additional button in the confirmation dialog like “ok+nect“ than your suggestion?

But please do what you consider best.
I'm torn about that. I don't know how often people will want to modify one song after the other in a list. If it's something that is rarely used, I don't know if it makes sense to make it prominent. It takes a lot more room to display "OK + Next" than just OK, especially as I don't know how large that will be once translated into all the other languages. The overflow button has a fixed size so it won't matter how long the label is in the dropdown list. On smaller devices, the limited space at the top of the screen is always a concern.

As a side note, the way I'm going to have to implement this is that the song editor will apply changes and exit, and then the editor will be reopened with the next song in the list. This ensures that I don't have to make any big design changes and it will work reliably with little coding effort. It may not be the smoothest experience if you are wanting to just iterate through the list quickly by tapping "OK + Next" over and over until you hit the song you need to modify.

I'm happy with anything you decide. But I think with the advent of mass importing by CSV it will be useful for more users than you think.

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