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Rendering of files for setlists
Am I correct that "loading all" always renders all the songs in the setlist?

It seems to me so since it takes quite a lot of time to load when I have many songs in a setlist.

If you just need a setlist for a set that's not a big problem because there rarely will be more than 20 or 30 songs in a set.

But since I got your advice I'm using the setlist as temporary editing pool for mass cropping. And it takes ages to load if I put > 50 songs in it.

Also if I notice an error in a song in the title or somewhere else and I edit it, it starts to load the complete setlist again.

Since setlists are usually played and used sequentially, isn't it possible and more efficient to render just a few and cache them (I read you reduced the caching in the new version) and render the rest in the background "on demand"?
Even if you load 50+ songs, I don't render all of the songs at once. I only render five pages ahead, so whatever songs happen to be in that range are loaded as needed. If there is an initial pause before anything shows up (including the first song), you could be encountering the delay from reading out all the database information for the songs before loading them. I find that pretty unlikely though, but you can test it. If you load the same setlist a second time, it should load much faster if the delay is due to the database as the data is cached and not loaded a second time. I'll have to try this out myself to see if there are any other bottlenecks with large setlists.
It might be related to the data of the database since I have quite a lot of metadata. I tried a setlist with 36 entries. Load time was about 20 seconds. It was the same when I exited it and loaded all again.

Like I wrote, it loads all again if I edit a song and exit the edit screen again. Same load time again.

I added more songs so I had 99 items in the list. Load time increased to about 55 seconds. So it's proportional.

(BTW for the load time there's a black screen with the "working circle arrow" also one occasion why I asked if there are progress bars possible)
If you load the same setlist twice and it takes the same amount of time to load each time, then it's not due to the database. I'll look into this to see if I can reproduce it.

I loaded a setlist with 20 songs, then loaded it again with 500 songs. The only noticeable difference with the setlist with 500 songs was having to load the information out of the database, which took an extra second or two. When I exited that setlist and loaded it again, it loaded instantly. I'm definitely not seeing the kind of slowdown you are. There is, however, one thing that could cause a delay. If any of the files in use by any of the songs in the setlist have been modified outside of MobileSheetsPro, they will be opened and scanned for changes. If you load the same setlist twice, you wouldn't see the delay the second time though, as all changes would be accounted for.

I'd appreciate if others can test and let me know if having a setlist with a lot of songs slows down the loading time for them. It's easy to set this up - create a new setlist, and tap the "add all" button at the top right of the group editor to add all of the songs in your library at once.

I tried it on the nook [500+] and samsung [800+], both very quick, less than a second.
Dell Latitude 13.5" 2-in-1 Ubuntu/Win 11
Samsung Note Pro SM-P900 12.2 Android 5.0.2
Samsung S7+, Android 12

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