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Crash when importing
Seems-Like-A-Bug Report

PC = Windows 10
Tablet = Android 5.1
MSP = 1.4.7
Companion = 2.3.8

First time using MSP Companion in quite a while, installed latest version on new PC yesterday. It seems to work fine connencted to tablet via wi-fi. Manually dragging in a couple of new PDFs worked well. But...

I just tried to import 385 PDFs by selecting them then dragging that selection from File Explorer into MSP Companion. Docs say a dialog will open to select various things. That did not happened. Instead, a dialog opened then flashed quickly, again and again, I assume each flash was a single file. The dialog seemed to be where I would update fields, but it just kept flashing. Then after a couple of minutes, it all stopped, with Windows displaying "MobileSheetsProCompanion has stopped working". 

Clicking on MSP Connection, I see it has a long list of windows. Probably too many. Each window seems to be the new song dialog.  This raises questions:

Does it make sense for Companion to accept a "large" list to import (is 385 files a large list?), when that is not really viable or stable to do? Better would be for Companion to see the list is large and suggest another method, and/or avoid opening a new window for each file.

Or, is there a setting that would have prevented this? The docs for Companion say Batch Importing is almost identical to tablet, but I've done many more than 385 files directly on tablet without a problem. I don't think it opens a bunch of windows/dialogs. 

Restarted MSPC... In Settings I see a check mark by "Use Quick Import for multiple files", not mentioned in docs so I don't know what this affects. Also I see checked "Preview Files while editing", don't know if that affects Adding files via drag-and-drop. 

Companion docs lacks a section labeled Settings that explains that they do. There are scattered references to some of it, but no one place that explains all the Settings, and it seems that the above Settings are not explained at all. 

So, I need to know what I should do differently so drag-and-drop works reliably.
-- John

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 (SM-T900) Android 5.1.1
That's really strange John. If you drag and drop a large number of files, it's supposed to show a single dialog with all of the files in a list, and then they are all imported at once (versus showing one song editor window per file, which would be a huge problem). I just tried dragging & dropping 59 pdfs and saw no problems. You definitely want to have "Use Quick Import for Multiple Files" checked, as that is what imports the files all at once. If it's unchecked, a song editor dialog will be shown per file. Batch importing (File->Batch Import) is separate from this functionality but can handle large amounts of files without issue as well. Preview Files While Editing just determines if the preview image is shown in the song editor. This would not affect drag & drop.

I'll have to update the manual at some point with documentation for all the settings.

Mike, after the problem, restarting MSP seems to have cured it. I was able to drag-and-drop 385 files, worked as it should.

But I found one annoying behavior, hoping it's not just Windows-being-Windows, but something you can improve. 

When a file-exists conflict happens, a dialog opens asking what to do. But the dialog box is too small to show the path\file name, so I have to drag it to about twice the width to see. Then when it happens again, MSP has not remembered the re-size so I have to do it again. Lots of that with 385 files, about half already existed, and likely will again and again as I do other updates. (For various reasons I can't just have it do the same thing with each file.)

Ideally, MSP would size the dialog wide enough to show what it's trying to show. Second best would be to notice when the user re-sizes and use that size next time.
-- John

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 (SM-T900) Android 5.1.1

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