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Is it possible to transfer PDF files with annotations?
Is this possible to do? I want to transfre the current PDF library, but need to also copy the annotations on those files that have them.

You can certainly put/send your current MobileSheets database on/to another device, and all annotations, cropping, etc. will also be migrated.

I do this all the time, so that all my tablets have EXACTLY the same database.
I use the companion app on my Windows computer to save the database from the 'donor' tablet, and then 'restore' it on the 'receiving' tablets.

I kinda don't think it's possible to 'export' the .pdfs in their original format but with (only) the annotations included.
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I could be wrong, it happened once before.
hmmm, yes I di know about that, I am talking about actually sending the PDF file intact or exporting it somehow so I can read/open it on another device.
If you have a printer app installed, you can print the song. Most apps will give the opportunity to save as PDF instead, so you get a PDF on disk -- and it includes annotations.
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If you long press a song on the songs tab, you can select "Share->Export files", and uncheck everything but "Export annotations". That will do as you asked. You can select every file in your library if you want to export all of them at once.

Legend...thanks Mike (and sciurious) Smile
...I learned something today!
I could be wrong, it happened once before.
Sadly, while I can see the annotations on a PC using a PDF viewer, if I transfer them to an ipad chart reading app, the annotations disappear Sad
This is unfortunately a known issue with the current PDF library I'm using. I have two choices:

1) Switch to a different PDF library. I'm currently looking into this and will be testing another alternative soon. Assuming it works better, I'll have to see if the cost is reasonable.

2) Add a new toggle for "Force iOS compatibility" which will generate a much larger, less efficient PDF that contains nothing but images which is guaranteed to work. I don't want to go down this path for obvious reasons, but I may have to if the other PDF library doesn't work out.

Mike, if I use the ShareFiles - Print to PDF plugin (its a HP plugin) where would the file get saved? Using 5.1.1. Another developer told me that that is an Apple issue, but if you "print" to PDF the annotations get saved...
That is probably a true statement. If it doesn't ask you where to save the file, them I'm not entirely sure... I'll have to search for answers on that one.
yeah thanks Mike...I've been hunting around the folders in android but can not find them anywhere??
You could check /sdcard/Android/<print service name>/files to see if it's putting it in the application data directory.
Cool, I'll do that. thanks
nope, nothing there. Cannot even find a folder called that haha! When running the service, with all files selected it does run through each file as you can wathc the process happening. Maybe it is only sticking them to a print queue for printing to a hardware (connected via wi-fi) printer??

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