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Half pages turning in Annotation Mode
When using my laptop in Landscape mode (I cracked the glass after dropping it, so no more touchscreen), I found it was practical to use the program this way to view larger pages while in Annotation Mode (instead of having to zoom in Portrait or Tablet Mode), but the arrows for page turning advance to full pages, meaning I have to scroll down or use Pan Tool to move instead of a foot click and get my edits done before I actually want to turn and save to the next real page... would it be possible to advance the same way in Annotation Mode than in Normal or Performance Mode?
Also, it might be me, but I still keep pushing on arrows keys on my keyboard whenever I want to move selected objects while in Annotation Mode... it seems so natural... BUT NO:
It turns pages!
It is only a suggestion, but why not using Page Up/Down keys to turn pages, and the four arrows keys to move objects in both axis?
Also Return/Enter key to confirm (or Yes) a default, Delete for No and Esc to cancel in any dialog box?
I thought those where standards, and I keep pushing the wrong keys over and over again!
The reason you are encountering those issues with the arrows is because the default pedal actions map left arrow/up arrow/page up to previous page, and right arrow/down arrow/page down to next page. If you clear the pedal key assignments, then you won't encounter that problem in the annotations editor. I also just added code so that you can now nudge annotations using the arrows (if you clear the pedal actions first). Page up/page down will turn pages.

As for scrolling the annotations editor, my recommendation would be to assign some of the pedal actions to certain keys (such as page up and page down) to invoke scrolling, as it seems like maybe you aren't using the pedal feature right now. What you can down is use the "Scroll to Bottom of Page" and "Scroll to Top of Page" pedal actions, change it to 50% of the page at the top, and make the scrolling speed "Immediate". That way, if you push page down, it will just scroll the page down 50%. Will that work for you?

Lastly, I don't know why Microsoft chose not to support the Enter key to confirm dialogs and the escape key to cancel them, but they made it so there is no way for me to handle this. I can't cause the buttons to be clicked when those keys are pressed.

Thanks for the answers Mike, I will appreciate those changes you will implement in the next Win version update!
I thought I had cleared the pedal actions already, but if not I will do it so I can try to turn the pages the same way in Annotation mode than in Performance mode, it will save me time!
What I am looking for here is to have the same behaviour in both modes with my pedals...
For the other keys, well, too bad, really!
Thanks anyway again for all your great work and support, I am looking forward for this new update!

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