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Generating a Song List - Sort Order
When I sort a setlist into alphabetcal order and then generate a song list the resultant list is sorted, not alphabetically as I would expect, but in the same order as if the setlist was sorted manually. Any ideas?

I'm using Android 6.0.1 on a Samsung Tab2.
If you're finding is correct (I didn't try to reproduce it) it is an issue that should be fixed.
Workaround: use semicolons or tabs as separators, name the exported file ....csv, open it in Excel or LibreOffice Calc and sort it there as you like.
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Hi, thanks for the reply. Your suggested workaround is far too clunky.

The reason I want the songlist in alphabetical order is not that I play setlists in alphabetical order but I want to he able to tell others what songs are in the setlist. It's not a big deal but it appeals to my sense of logic to be able to list the songs in alphabetical order.
I can fix this so that the selected sorting order is used. Thanks for letting me know about it.
(03-26-2017, 05:59 PM)Zuberman Wrote: I can fix this so that the selected sorting order is used. Thanks for letting me know about it.

I'm having a similar problem.  I use the shuffle sort feature and the setlist shows the shuffled results.  But when I load the setlist, it opens the last song on the sorted list and even if I select the first tune instead of load all, the last song opens.  It's then in reverse order.  In other words, I can touch the left side of the screen and the previous song loads.

I'm using Mobilesheets pro and a colorfly tablet.
I'll look into that as well gragav2 - thanks.
I fixed the generate song list issue, but I can't reproduce what you are seeing gragav2. Did you enable Settings->Library Settings->Always Load Last Viewed Page? That would explain the behavior you are seeing...

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