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One handed 'flick' page turning/scrolling
I use MS at chorus practice, for that stage when we're still learning the song. I've shown lots of others what a great app it is and many have went out and purchased it.

My suggestion is specifically for chorus singers who often have to hold their music close and 'peek' over it to watch the director. That's where even the seemingly simple act of touching the screen to advance a page or page bottom can become tricky. And there's certainly no room for pedals (bluetooth and otherwise) with 100 other people on risers.

Made me think how it might work that MS could read gesture 'flicks' through the gyros sensors as page advances (left/right) and scrolls (up/down). It would have to be a sharp enough 'flick' motion that could be filtered out from regular jostling movements as an intentional 'command'. Maybe with a 'sensitivity' slider in prefs?

Anyhow, thought I'd mention it and see what others think.

Love this app, and the fantastic developer commitment! Wish all app devs were half as focused and dedicated as the one for MobileSheets!
The available automatic scrolling might work here, you can set the speed individual per song.

Though I haven´t tried it with MSP, this type of device could work as well:
A hand-held bluetooth controller would be ideal for singers. As a guitarist, this is not an option for me.

Movements can easily be misread while a firm click on a button should be rather unambiguous.
But then, I can´t really say what non-pedal devices can possibly control page turning in MSP. Mike will surely help here.
I can certainly look into trying to add support for those kinds of flick movements to turn pages, but I feel like it could turn out to be too unreliable for live performances. I also imagine seeing a group of people all flicking their tablets around might look odd...

I found an example of someone using the accelerometer to detect flicking a device forward here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18600...ct-a-flick

I can probably take that example and use it as a basis for detecting a flick around the x or y-axis.

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