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Different audio per setlist
Mike, another funny request/suggestion, for this scenario:

The same song (with say 3 backing tracks) appears in various setlists: 

One is dedicated for the occasional bass player in me, the backing track here is just drums.
A different setlist for my old dreadnought guitar and its recently built-in "acoustajam" device, here the backing track excludes drums.
A third setlist is for all my "drums and bass" backing tracks, for when I want to simulate a three piece band with either acoustic- or e-guitar.
If it was possible to optionally define which audio file is played first in which setlist, that would make opening the media player obsolete.

I realize this is a bit exotic. At the same time it may be possible that the deployment of backing tracks, as they become so much easier available now, will increase.

How about having copies of the song using the same score file, but different audio files?
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itsme, thanks, I try to avoid duplicate versions of the same song.
As a work around, I added two touch actions (skip to next audio file, skip to previous audio file) today.
An indication as to WHICH file is being played would be very helpful though.
Mike, any chance the selected (playing) audio file title is shown in the title bar?
I think this problem would be solved by a feature I plan to add at some point: song versioning. The idea will be that you can have multiple versions of a song, and each version can have different files, metadata, etc. You can choose what is different in each version. You can choose the default version to use when the song is loaded by itself, and a different version of the song when it is used in a setlist. Switching between versions will involve just tapping a dropdown on the library screen (a new icon that would be at the right side of each entry) and selecting the entry that should be used for the current view. On the songs tab, this would pick the default version. In a setlist, it would pick the version to use for that setlist. When editing a setlist, you would be able to pick the song version to use there as well.

As for showing the audio file title in the title bar, I really don't think there is room for that. On most tablets, there is barely enough room for the icons and the song title. Is there a reason you can't leave up the audio file in the minimal layout mode so that you can view that information? To switch layouts, just tap the number icon in the audio player.
Mike, the song versioning will perfectly solve my "issue".
E.g. I'd have a setlist for the bass player in me, with customized backing tracks and bass tabs. Another setlist supports my E-Guitar ambitions, with partly same songs but different backing tracks and PDFs, and so forth.
I often have 2 versions of the same song, for two players, with different Capo positions. At the moment they are in one PDF. With song versioning I'll probably make two versions out of those.

The minimized audio player still hides stuff on the page, so I invoke it only to select the audio file or rewind. I do use a Touch Action command for play/pause, and the skip functions.


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