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Sync settings among devices
I've just installed Windows 10 app... magnificent!

By now, I've installed MobileSheets on all my devices: 1 Win10 workstation, 2 Win10 laptops, 1 Android tablet. All devices share now the same library which I've exported from tablet and imported in the Win10 app. 

I'd like to sync MS settings among all devices, I didn't investigate properly so far, however do you know if it's possible? 

There isn't a way to sync up settings at the moment beyond using a backup file that includes the settings. When you generated the backup file on Android, did you choose to include settings?
Yes sure I did, settings have been imported.
Just wanted to check f there is a way to synchronize all devices by wi-fi or web. Any plan?
Yes, I do plan on adding this in the near future, I just haven't had time to work on it yet.
Since I got a Windows10 PC at work I now also obtained MS for W10 and so my interest in syncing between devices has spiked, too.

But first things first: Is there another possibility (yet) to get the files and database from Android to W10 without doing a full backup?

I already have my sheets in a directory on my W10 PC so I don't want to do a full backup with 11 GB and restore if it isn't necessary. Is it somehow possible to migrate the database and (most of) the settings to W10 like it is for Android?
(I mean only copying the database and adjusting the missing paths and settings)?
Yes, I think it is possible just to copy all song files and copy an adapted version of MobileSheets.db
Because the folder structure is definitely different on Win10 and on Android the file paths have to be adapted before copying MobileSheets.db. This can be done by a batch using Sciurius' MSPro Tools.
Such a workflow requires some expertise and is definitely not for everyone.
As I recently bought a Win10 detachable and will use it beside my current Android tablet I plan to establish such a workflow for myself. As soon as it is working fine I post it in the forum as an example.
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Maybe Mike can adapt his path/missing file tool to change Android to Windows paths and vice versa.
Just use a SQL editor like SQLite Studio to run a query against the relevant tables and replace the beginning of every Android file path with the Windows path. The query would basically be as follows:

UPDATE Files SET Path = replace( Path, '/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/files', 'C:\\MyFolder' ) WHERE Path LIKE '/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/files%';

Just replace the Android and Windows paths listed as necessary. Then run the same query against the audio files table if you need to update that one as well. You may want to run the same query to replace forward slashes with backward slashes if there are additional folders under the storage location. Windows and MobileSheets may or may not handle those paths correctly if you don't do that. I think the query would just be:

UPDATE Files SET Path = replace(Path, '/', '\\' )


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