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Zoom + move
Is it possible to integrate moving the paper into the two-finger "pinch to zoom" gesture? 

Use case: annotating on the borders (at least for me, without a pen) requires 
- 3-finger select-edit-mode
- 2-finger pinch zoom-to-maximum
- selecting the move tool
- drag to correct location
- select the draw tool
- write... 
The process of zooming and moving could be streamlined into a pinch and a two-finger-drag. 
Then the draw tool would still be selected and I could immediately start writing after a 3-finger-tap and a 2-finger-pinch/move. 

Best regards, 
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab8+ - Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Plus - MS Surface pro 2017
If you use the two finger tap to switch the current tool to the pan tool, then you can just move the page over slightly, two finger tap again, and then make your annotation. I don't think I can combine pinch zooming with panning though. Having said that, when I pinch zoom on the sides of the score or the corners, it centers the screen on that area, so I don't have to pan. Is that not working for you?
Thanks! There is so much hidden functionality...
I was not aware of  the two finger tap switching between the pan tool and the last selected tool - and that the pinch centers around the location of the pinch. Which is rather obvious, once told. ;-)

While this is better then my previous edit sequence, I still think that being able to pan/drag without explicitly switching to the pan tool and back with a two-finger-tap would be more intuitive.

An example for this is Google maps, where I can pinch and move within the same two-finger gesture.
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab8+ - Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Plus - MS Surface pro 2017

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