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MIDI playback, overwrite existing songs, do not copy local files
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Hi folks,

I'm a new user of MobileSheets for Windows. I have made myself somewhat comfartable with this software and it basically fits my needs. However there is always something to improve so that good things get even better Wink

Here is a list of feature wishes and enhancements I'd like to see (or if they are already there then please could someone point me towards them and forgive my ignorance Angel ). I'm currently using 1.9.2 on Windows 10 Pro on an ASUS Transformer T305CA (a Microsoft Surface 4 clone - somewhere inbetween the old and the new model of the Surface 4).

1) I'm creating most of my sheet music with lilypond. Therefor I do have PDFs and MIDI files (sometimes more than one for a single piece). I would like the MIDI files being treated as audio files and be imported just like them. And of course being played e.g. by the buildin MIDI Wavetable player (I'd expect Android to sport something like that - Timidity at least exists there).

2) Occasionally I revise a piece and create an updated version of that PDF. When I import it I want to be able to replace the existing version all over the place. Currently it seems that I have to remove the old version and then insert the new one into all setlists the old version was part of.

3) There does not seem to be a way to (easily) distinguish a PDF and a PNG of the same file in the Song list. I therefor would like to (optionally) see the full filename (possibly the pathname) and the filetype in the all listings.

4) I had defined a directory where all files from "non-local sources" should be placed. However currently I only imported files from the local filesystem. Unfortunately all of them have been copied to that very directory. I would like MobileSheets to just store the pathname and leave the file where it is, possibly by also storing a timestamp and possibly a hash of the files content. Ideally this would allow to automatically update the file when I replace/update it in the local file system.

5) On my device in landscape mode the songlist is such that there is plenty of empty space to the right of the songnames. Maybe the listings could use 2 or even 3+ columns?

6) The existing attributes that can be provided for a song are fairly extensive and probably fine for most of my usecases. However instead of a large fixed set of predefined attributes I'd rather have a mechanism to dynamically add arbitrary tags to a song. That would allow to stick labels to songs like "4-part", "a capella", "sad", "funny", "Hymn", etc. pp. If that were to be extended one could also define valuesets for tags, e.g. define a tag "MM" with a valueset of type "integer" or a tag "Genre" with a configurable enum of valid values (these could eventually replace the existing attributes).
Of course I also would want the search dialog to support these.

What do others think?

Kind regards,
Just a quick reply. You'll find that MSP is exceptionally well thought out and has already many features you haven't found or thought of yet.

2) Use the function swap file in the overflow menu for that
3) I'm not sure if there are already placeholders for filename or path but check out title format in the manual for more info in titles and subtitles
4) You have to uncheck 'let MSP manage my files' in the options for that
6) You can do that with the custom group. Also the groups with fixed names can be changed or expanded with your own items.

Also, I absolutely recommend studying the manual for more revelations (RTFM = read the fantastic manual :-) )
Thank you BRX for taking the time to respond.

re 2) Using the swap function involves quite a few actions per file to be replaced at least w/r to my current workflow. This may be due to me currently working on larger counts of files concurrently while setting up my working environment. However choosing this (i.e. replace existing song) as a setting while importing songs seems like a valid enhancement to me.

re 3) There are placeholder for all the various predefined tags. I haven't found file/path name.

re 4) I have been searching for a setting as I had read such a thing exists. Apparently I'm too stupid to find it. Care to point me to the right spot?

re 6) I may be mistaken but to me it seems "Custom group" add one such field. I want an arbitrary number.

I fully agree with your comment regarding reading the manual.

Kind regards,
3) see attached screenshot

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first language: German
Acer A1-830, Android 4.4.2 - HP x2 210 G2 Detachable, Win 10 21H1
www.moonlightcrisis.de - www.basdjo.de - www.frankenbaend.de

4) first entry of the settings for storage
6) No. That's custom fields which are two of. There's one custom group with arbitrary entries (hence group).
(08-19-2017, 10:55 PM)itsme Wrote: 3) see attached screenshot

Thanks, found it now.
(08-20-2017, 01:25 AM)BRX Wrote: 4) first entry of the settings for storage
6) No. That's custom fields which are two of. There's one custom group with arbitrary entries (hence group).

re 4) Sry for appearing stupid. In the storage options I have:
"Set the MobileSheets Storage Location" where I can enter the storage path for non local files.
"Delete Original After Copy" is a switch (set to off)
"Create Subdirectories For Songs" is a switch (set to on - I want this for non-local files)
"Add Unique Id to Filenames" another switch (set to off)
Finally there are a couple of settings regarding Dropbox and Google Accounts and drive integration

Where is there supposed to be 'let MSP manage my files'?
Or could this be a specialty of the Windows 10 Version? (possibly version 1.9.2?)

re 6) Yes, that I have understood. My proposal regarding an arbitrary number of tags is different and AFAICT goes beyond that.

Thanks for helping me.

Kind regards,
The checkbox "Let Mobile Sheets Manage My Files" only exists in the Android version, MSP for Win10 doesn't have it.
To avoid duplicate files set the MobileSheets Storage Location to a local folder like D:\MSPData and manage your files there. If you copy a song file to D:\MSPData or one of its subdirectories and call "Import - Local File" MSP won't create a copy of the file, it just creates a song entry in
In case you plan to manage also your backups yourself: backup also the whole ...AppData\...\LocalState folder. A number of other setting files besides the database mobilesheets.db are stored there.
first language: German
Acer A1-830, Android 4.4.2 - HP x2 210 G2 Detachable, Win 10 21H1
www.moonlightcrisis.de - www.basdjo.de - www.frankenbaend.de

about 6)
You can organize what you call "tags" with the custom group as proposed by BRX. Just add the tags you want to the custom group and check the ones you want to apply to a song in the song editor. You can apply more than one to a song. Or reuse an existing group that you don't need otherwise, maybe "Genres" or "Source Types". You can delete all the default values and create your own.

The custom group is different to the 2 custom fields: in the custom group you create a list of values that you can check or uncheck to add them to a song. The custom fields are just edit fields.

I agree with you that some more custom groups and custom fields would be useful. Also the possibility to specify names for the custom fields has been already requested before.
first language: German
Acer A1-830, Android 4.4.2 - HP x2 210 G2 Detachable, Win 10 21H1
www.moonlightcrisis.de - www.basdjo.de - www.frankenbaend.de

Sorry for misleading you with the Android option. Entirely my fault since you clearly said you have W10.

And as itsme mentioned more custom fields and groups have been requested for a long time.

Your thread is a good reminder and hopefully Mike pushes it more to the top of his to-do list.
It's definitely still high on my list of things to do. I just have a couple of really big things that I want to finish first (i.e. rework of annotations and better library synchronization features).

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