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Problem with Swap File
Tried to update an existing pdf ("Drink up thee Cider") with a new version using the Swap File option.

The new file was in the Download folder, the old file in the general MSP storage area (not in a song specific folder). 
Swap File said that the song was replaced

Looking in the Download area, the new file still exists (I expected it to have been removed)
Looking at the pdf, via the Songs tab, displays the original version (there is only single entry for this song)
Browsing into the MSP storage area, the pdf contains the new version.

MSP still doesn't pick up the new version after the tablet has been rebooted.
"Check for Missing Files" shows no problems.

Repeated the operation using 
"Auto crop", "Copy or Move", "Move New File to MobileSheets Storage".(it was previously "Copy New File to same folder...")
It says it has successfully replaced the file - but is still displays the old pdf and the Download file hasn't been removed

Any ideas?

v1.9.3 loaded earlier this morning (after having problems trying to use audio files - possibly more on that later!)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
More info:

Managed to get the Companion to connect to the tablet via wifi (it wouldn't complete the connection this morning)

Right clicking the song provides a option to "Open song in external viewer"; this shows the modified version (the tablet still displays the old version).

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
That is really bizarre. Is the file you are swapping in named exactly the same thing as the existing file? I'm assuming after the swap completes, the timestamp on the original file doesn't change, right? I didn't test swapping in a file with the same name as the destination file, so I'll run through some tests when I get a chance. I also don't believe the original file is ever deleted automatically... I'll have to check if the "Delete Original File" option in the storage settings affects file swaps. I need to add an option when swapping to delete the original file though - that's on my list of things to do.

Take it all back - I was getting confused because my annotations were copied to the new version (I normally just reimport the file - I used Swap File this time because I wanted to maintain my SetLists)


Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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