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Chord diagrams for ChordPro
Just adding my +1 for chord diagrams (as and when you've got the iPad version done).

I'm still discovering great features in MSP, and have started recommending it to learners from my local community music group, particularly for its up-to-date ChordPro support, transposition etc., but it's of limited value to them without chord diagrams.

If it's of any use, I'm currently creating/adapting files of chord diagrams for ukuleles in C, G and D tunings for use with ChordPro.org software, and am happy to share those once they're finished. I'm sure more experienced players might prefer the facility to define their own chord libraries (globally or per-song), but I think learners might value bundled/standard libraries, at least as a starting point.
Is a date planned for this feature?
I don't have a specific date set for it, because it depends on how long finishing the iOS version will take. I definitely can't provide an exact estimate for that due to the complexity of switching to an entirely different framework, programming language, environment, etc. I will be posting updates as I get closer to having the beta ready.

Hi Mike, hope you are well and have missed the virus.

Just adding my plea for chord diagrams to be added to ms in chordpro files, please.

Still using ms on a regular basis for all my gigging needs except when I need to be able to transpose notation on the fly, when I use a la mode.

All the best,
Hello Cliff,

I did manage to not get sick during the pandemic - thanks. I'm finishing up the iOS version and then my highest priority changes are song versioning and chord diagrams for chord pro files. I think I will probably implement the chord grids first as it is a little less involved than song versioning. 

At a later point, I want to support the ability to drop chord diagrams on pages in the annotation editor. This will require a UI where you can look up chords before placing them on the page. It can probably use some of the same code required to draw chord diagrams.

Best regards,
Thanks Mike, looking forward to it

Any news on the chord diagram feature?

It would be great if we could (long) tap on a chord, and it would display the corresponding chord diagram.
The next big update (v3.8.0) is going to add missing chord pro functionality. I haven't decided yet if I will try to include chord diagrams at the same time, as it's a somewhat complex feature especially when supporting chords for different instruments (piano, guitar, banjo, ukulele, etc). I may decide to just add a more basic implementation at first to lay the groundwork so that it can be expanded after receiving feedback.

As a side note, I have to release at least one more minor update to address bugs.

Maybe you can add the chord diagrams as stamp sets? This would make it easy for you to add the diagrams, and also allow the user to add arbitrary diagrams when needed.
And, in some future version, the user may be able to personalize the stamp set...
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