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Cho, text files extensions question
I would like to know if it makes a difference to MS if the extension of a file is cho, pro, txt, cdr, etc.

Does MS treat a file with an extension "txt" differently than one that has an extension "cho" or other chordpro formats?
How about between the chordpro formats themselves?
Does MS assume certain formatting from the extension, or from data inside the file itself.

IOW, does MS recognize the type of file regardless of the extension, as long as it is one of the chordpro extensions or txt?
This would mean one could just rename them all to txt extension and MS would still work with them just fine.


Edit: Sorry, posted in the wrong forum.
Yes, the extension matters a great deal. MobileSheetsPro will recognize cho, pro, chordpro, chopro and crd all as valid chord pro file extensions. A text file (.txt) will be treated as such, and will not process any chord pro keywords. This is by design so that users can import text files with chords and different processing will be used to try to distinguish chord lines from lyrics lines. 


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