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A switch to disconnect MS from audio system
I've been a user for many years now and so I just have to say that I love, love, love the app. You have set the bar for mobile sheet music readers. And quite possibly, for the most responsive independent developer.

And I've been loosely keeping track of new features and updates where I've noticed that many others are asking for more advanced functions from the built-in audio player in MS. And I think I understand that the player has more restrictions in customizing than the visual functions do.

As a singer though, I use MS for practice but when I'm learning a new song I usually have to switch to paper sheets because I use an excellent app (Music Speed Changer -- beautiful tool for learning!) that allows me to play a track very slowly. But, as you know, if MobileSheets is also active, even in the background, that just doesn't work.

So here's my suggestion for a new feature: an easy to find toggle switch that disconnects MS from the Android audio system completely. That way (I hope?), a user could set up the audio playback in a second background app while still viewing the chart in MS.

I'm hoping that such an idea would be easier to implement than one which requires the development of a completely new additional feature, but as a non-programmer, I realize that's complete guesswork.

In any case, I do appreciate the fine attention to detail that you've put into your product. I have never hesitated to share my praise for MSheets whenever a fellow chorus member asks me what reader software they should get.

Keep up the great work! Not only is the quality of your QA work exemplary, it's inspirational. If a developer can work this hard to deliver such consistently high-quality software, what's stopping the rest of us from applying similar dedication to learning and improving our music? 

Hello Broacher,

Thank you very much for your kind words. MobileSheets has been a joy to work on mostly because of the wonderful community of users. As for your request, it's definitely a different take on solving the audio playback problem, and I can certainly consider adding that. Having said that, as I mentioned in the other post that was just put up on the forum (https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum...p?tid=4399), I'm going to be able to add a slew of new features to the audio player, and it's not going to be nearly as difficult as I believed in the past thanks to a third party library that is available. So if my audio implementation meets your needs, you shouldn't need to use an external application, which should make it easier to manage everything. If not, then I can always add the switch you are asking for so that you can use a different audio player of your choice.

Thank you for the link to that other post -- it sounds very hopeful!

I would really recommend checking out 'Music Speed Changer' if you get a chance (it's free, btw -- with an option to buy out the ads). The algorithms that are used there in the tempo slow down are incredibly clean, and glitch-free. And the control interface there is very nice too, with virtually all controls as simple sliders. 

I look forward to seeing what wonders you will be bringing to us with this new library.


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