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Annotations Zoom and Pan
Do you have stylus mode enabled? I'm assuming so. I'm just wondering if the Onyx stylus is correctly detected as stylus input. If not, then it would be trying to treat it like touch input. That stylus may not support hovering either like the Samsung S-Pen.  If you have stylus mode enabled, what happens if you enable the option to disable all touch input? Does it just not work at all?  I'll work on seeing what I can figure out.

Well I thought that was exactly what I was trying. I enabled the new option to disable all touch input, but as soon as the stylus comes near the surface it switches from pen to move utility. So the hovering is detected, but it triggers some weird action.
After quite some time of using this some short feedback: The refined feature with Pen-Hover detection works very good. Occasionally a zoom action is still invoked by the hand on the screen if one does not care to lower the pen fast enough (Pen still too high to be detected). This is in only about 10% of the instances when I annotate and don't really pay attention to lower the pen fast enough.

I think that might be still improved upon if there was a slight delay in reacting to non-pen input (probably 500 ms would be enough to have to pen in your hand naturally lowered enough to be recognized by hover). I am not quite sure though if it would feel awkward when actually trying to move the canvas or zoom - there would be a tiny delay in reaction probably? And then there might be those people that annotate with the fingers - for those a delay might be bad...

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