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Android vs Windows
Thank's Petra! Sounds really interesting! I'm just wondering how this works?! Do you have the same files on both tablets and page trigger in master/slave mode? Or always Page 1 on Tab 1 and Page 2 on Tab 2?
Since I also like to use it to make annotations and modify my *.cho (ChordPro) files during practice it would be nasty to need a synchronization after every change I make...

Is there a good description how the dual Tablet arrangement works?
Hi Ecki,

I administer the song library on the master tablet. From there i produce "backup" files, either with the tablet's general settings (for real backup) or without (for later import on the slave tablet) and draw those from my administration PC, a linux box. To synchronize, I push the backup file without tablet settings from the PC to the slave and replace its complete present library by the backup. After that the boxes are aligned to serve the songs in alternate paging mode (odd pages on the left, even pages on the right tablet). I hold the complete library on both devices, but the factor of two file sizes don't really matter.

Being a slightly legasthenic score reader (learnt score reading too late, presumably) I put some coloured dots at reasonable paging places on to the sheets, typically at less involved passages or pauses in my voice. This is especially suggested if there are repetitions spanning the page boundaries. Then you can get lost in pagination quite easily without respective visual aids.

If I'm in a hurry I make annotations on both visible pages - remembering that only the ones on the left/master tablet will make it into the redistributed "backup". If there is enough time I transfer the remarks on the even pages asap to the master anew as manual copy: in editing mode you can paginate through the "wrong" pages as well and input your remarks there, too. This *is* some additional workload, but I accept that, not seeing how to do without.

The backup/restoring procedure for about 200 songs takes just some seconds. The round trip (master backup to PC, upload to slave) takes less than a minute. I regard that as sufficiently fast.

Playing classical music on a wind controller hobby-wise - and tired of carrying around tons of paper sheets.  Wink
Hi Petra, 
thanks so much for your detailed answer! Very interesting, I didn't know about the odd/even page option! Seems to be really an alternative in case two - if possible identical - 13" tablets are available for a reasonable price...
I will check the other options as well. A Windows system indeed also has some advantages, as mixer control and BOSS GT-1 coupling would be possible all in one device…
When I have my "final" solution I will post it here. ;-)
I own both a Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Windows tablet and a 10 inch Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus, and use mobilesheets on both for performances (in a choir and for playing the piano). 
The Android tablet is my preferred device, unless i need the larger screen (mostly for the piano). 

In my experience the Android tablet is more reliable. With the Windows tablet i experienced situations where the OS did something in the background, made noises/popups, "required an update" and behaved sometimes more temperamentfully than i liked during a concert. 

A full reboot of my Android tablet takes about 30 seconds, which may be the last resort to get back into a working state after a lockup. Windows reboot often triggers some pending installations, which makes the "time to recover" unpredictable. 

So i usually carry both devices to concerts, but use the Surface tablet only as backup. This dual-device/dual OS strategy works well for me, and having no other paper backup, relying on a single device is not an option.
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab8+ - Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Plus - MS Surface pro 2017

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