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Selection with the letter bar
Low priority, but I noticed that in song picker windows with the letter bar tapping a letter on the bar MSP indeed jumps to the letter in question.
But the letter is shown at the bottom of the window so you have to scroll down for the following entries.

It would be more effective it MSP jumps to the letter and shows the first entry at the top of the window so you can see the following without scrolling.
Good suggestion!
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Which song picker windows are you referring to? Every window I've tried scrolls the letter to the top of the list. The only time the letter wouldn't be scrolled to the top is if the list isn't long enough for that, in which case the letter should be scrolled as high as possible. I'm not manually scrolling that letter to the top of the screen - I just call into Google's code to scroll the letter header to the top and their library figures out the amount to scroll the list.


I was testing only on Android. Are you seeing the issue with Android or Windows 10? Windows 10 makes it much more difficult to scroll entries, and I do try to scroll them to the top, but if that's the version you are encountering the problem with, that is less surprising to me.
Yep, you're correct. I'm talking about W10.
I can't reproduce it on my PC running Windows 10 (the letters are always at the top of the list for me), but I don't doubt you are seeing it, as I've seen different behavior on different devices for Windows 10. I'm utilizing what Microsoft gives me, so I'm not sure how much more I can improve it. When I call into Microsoft's library, I indicate that I want the entry scrolled to the top of the list. That's about all the control I have over it. Trying to manually calculate the amount to scroll and scroll it myself is incredibly problematic with Microsoft's UI design.


perhaps scrolling twice might fix it (e.g. for "P", "scroll" to "Q" and then scroll to "P")?  Obviously not easy for you to test if you can't reproduce it.

No idea if this would work and it would need adjustment if "letter+1" does not exist.

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I have tried playing those kinds of games as well (and in fact may be doing that in certain scenarios as a workaround for known problems). For example, I believe when skipping to the second letter in the alphabet list (usually 'A') I have to first scroll to # first in the code, then scroll to 'A', otherwise it doesn't work for some odd reason.


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