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Bookmarks bug and page order suggestions
I think there is a small bug in the bookmarks. 
I use a 200 page file and has some bookmarks in it. 
I then needed to remove one page from the file (which I did in edit -> files -> page order. )

Now the bookmarks will refer to the new page order (i.e. all bookmarks after the cutted page is one page off) 
This is probably expected but a feature could be to auto adjust bookmarks when page is reordered.
However, when I try to edit some of the bookmarks I have some minor issues 

The page number is set by a slider. On small screen with a large page file this is very difficult. Could this not be a number input box?

I keep running into a "bookmark already defined for this page" even though the page has no bookmark. This leads me to think that the bookmark uses the original pdf page number somewhere behind the scenes and not the new updated page number after pages are cut .

Another issue is that mobile sheets will display page numbers as the "new" page numbers and not the original ones. This is ok, but if I then need to cut another page later on it is very difficult to figure out what page number this is as the page order uses the original pdf pages but mobile sheet only displays the "reordered" pages . 
Maybe a a feature to display the original pdf page number for a given page?. This is only needed for cutting pages so could be in a menu somewhere.
I'll take a look at those issues. I do adjust for a number of things when changing the page order. I will need to review to see why bookmarks aren't being updated if you cut out a page (I believe the bookmarks should be updated).  Thanks for the suggestions.

So I did have code to adjust things after the page order is changed, but I didn't properly adjust the bookmark page numbers. Now that I've fixed this, it works as expected. This bug is probably why you are seeing the error about a bookmark being defined even though no bookmark exists (there is a mismatch between what page the bookmark thinks it is on and the page the bookmark is assigned to in the song itself). I've also added a numeric field so you can type in the page number on the dialog if desired. As far as displaying the original PDF page, I'll have to think about how to do this properly. The main problem is that the page order can be any set of pages from the PDF, including repeated pages. The page order could be something odd like 5-8, 1-4, 10-15, 8-9, so showing the original PDF page might be a little confusing, even though it's important. Where would you want to see that exactly?

@laba: wouldn't it be more convenient to separate the PDF into several different songs?
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