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Delete Song from "Edit Song" menu
I've found a couple instances where I have duplicate songs.

I long press one of the duplicates and select "EDIT SONG" to check which version it is and see if it's in any set lists.

If it's OK to delete, I was looking to delete the entire song from my library but there was no option to delete it. I had to cancel out of the EDIT SONG meu and delete it from the SONGS tab.

IMO, a "DELETE SONG" option inside the "EDIT SONG" window(s) would be helpful.
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I'd rather have a way to browse the "info" of the song (metadata and notes) from the song lists, maybe with a note icon (like the one showing for audio files and playing them from the list).

I'm imagening a read-only pop up window where the metadata and notes are displayed not unlike the notes window you can popup at the start of a song. Then one could have a quick, more comprehensive view
at the song details without having to open the edit screen. You wouldn't need a delete option from the edit screen any more since it's more comfortable viewing/comparing and deleting from the list.

Just food for thought.
Going to the song list to delete an unwanted song is currently a pain if you made the decision while viewing a collection - having switched to the songs screen, one then has to re-position to the song you want to delete. Also, identifying the correct song might not be easy if the song page is displayed in a different sort order from the collection.

So, I would like to have the option of deleting the song immediately after it had been identified.

I'm guessing that Mike is trying to avoid people accidentally selecting Delete (from the database) instead of Remove (from the Collection/Set list).

Having the notes/fields displayed, ala BRX' would also be useful.

I suppose the best answer would be for MSP not to create unwanted duplicates in the first place (I know self managing the files would help alleviating the problem but I don't fancy converting). On my tablet, I always give the songs a unique title that matches the filename; when importing a new version of an existing title, I always want to overwrite the existing one (this preserves set lists) i.e. One shouldn't need to use the SwapFile mechanism.

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(11-13-2018, 03:50 AM)Geoff Bacon Wrote: ... identifying the correct song might not be easy if the song page is displayed in a different sort order from the collection.
I find pretty often that I have to work hard to figure which song I want to delete. We get new versions of songs that were not renamed, and though I thought I had selected the setting to overwrite, I have many instances where I have duplicates, and it takes me a lot of time to make sure I know which song in the list is the one I want to remove, because it is older or because I have made notes on another. It would help to be looking at the song at the time.

I did not realize I was going to enhance the request when I started typing. Really, I don't even imagine this is possible, but this is something that would be useful: Let's say the old version of Song A was in Setlist 1 and 2, and the new version is in Setlist 3. When I delete a song because it is a duplicate, I would like the fields that were saved to go to the version that is being kept, so that I still have the info about what setlists that tune was in. I can see right away that I'd be creating a problem in that the old version might be in a different key, but the key info would go to the new version. I think I could more easily deal with that. What is much harder to assemble is the setlists the deleted version of a song was in.

So I just thought of this question: with the import setting to replace a tune with the same name, do the fields get kept? Would I still have the info about what setlists the replaced song was in?
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