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Mobile Sheets for iOS!

If there was a possibility to get a beta version I would be grateful. My Samsung tablet no longer works properly and I wanted to buy a tablet with 256 GB storage. Currently the iPad 9 would be the best choice for me. However, I would use it mainly for MobileSheets.

Therefore, it would help me decide which tablet to buy if there is still the possibility of a beta version.
The beta version is not finished yet, but I'm doing my best to get things ready as soon as I can. I can certainly include you if you want to test it. 

I want the beta version ASAP please  Smile
(09-30-2022, 05:45 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: The beta version is not finished yet, but I'm doing my best to get things ready as soon as I can. I can certainly include you if you want to test it. 


Thank you a lot. And of course, I want to test it (The Pro-Version are already working on my android and windows systems).
Quick update: I worked through a lot of issues with the song editor this week and finished a number of things including the cropping editor. This is where things stand:

1) The song editor (including taking pictures with the camera, page order adjustments, rotation, etc)
2) The cropping editor
3) The text editor
4) Testing various chord pro and text files
5) Printing
6) Import/export all custom file formats (.mss, .msf)
7) Library backup/restore
8) Library sync functionality
9) Companion app connectivity
10) Importing through Google Drive and OneDrive (Dropbox is implemented and tested)
11) Metronome
12) Audio playback, tempo adjustment, pitch adjustment
13) Additional testing of the various display and page scaling modes
14) Night mode
15) Smart buttons and link points
16) Bookmarks
17) Quick checkout of all of the various settings on the settings screen
18) Saving/loading library filters
19) Group editor
20) Verify all screens work fine in both portrait and landscape on both iPad Pro and original iPad
21) Song Notes

The song editor is the 2nd most complicated UI in MobileSheets besides the annotation editor, so I should hopefully be able to mark off a lot more things this upcoming week.

Hey Mike,

will it be possible in the Beta test yet, to load the Backupfiles from the Androiddevice to the IOS app? 

Yes, it will absolutely be possible to do that. My goal is to ensure every feature works regardless of operating system.

I would also very much like to be part of the beta testing phase!
Asking for some iPad users in the choir I sing in: will the iOS version potentially be available (Beta or not) before November 2022?

Thanks for this great software!
Doing my absolute best to get it finished as soon as possible. I do think the beta will be available before November, but it may not be available in the Apple store for at least a month after that.

On all the file-related issues you still have to code & test, bear in mind that you can access all the services (Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.) via the native "Files" interface, which could be a development time-saver.
Your timing is perfect, I am debating to upgrade my Surface Pro 3 to a SPRO 8 or 9.

I am not a big apple fan but the reason I would switch is the ipad aspect ratio. Little wider then the Surface pro's.

This is obviously benefical in portrait mode where I prefer to use the tablet in.

There is also rumours about a 14 Inch Ipad coming in 23. 

Lots of things to get excited about and spend your money on.
Avid Mobilesheets Pro Chrome/Android user here stumbling in. Hi everyone!

I've been looking for a replacement for my stalwart Pixel Slate, which I think has been one of the best Mobilesheets viewers I've used. I sync everything through Google Drive, and have Mobilesheets set up on the Pixel, on two phones, and a Galaxy S8 Ultra.

The tl'dr is that if Mobilesheets was available on iOS, I'd pick up an iPad Pro 12.8 and Apple Pencil solely for Mobilesheets, and leave it on my piano 24/7. It would be my only iOS device, but I simply haven't found anything that fits the bill better - large screen, close to 3:4 aspect ratio, active stylus support. 

I'd also love to help beta test if helpful (I have 10+ years dogfooding hardware and software internally at tech companies, from phones/tablets/laptops/wearables to OSs/apps), having filed thousands of bugreports.

While I read through this monster of a thread, I was hoping someone can provide a tl;dr confirmation of what MobileSheets iOS will support?

1. Persistent/reliable BT keyboard support for page turning. Don't have to enable/connect keyboard manually.
2. Cross-platform support for annotations (markup sheets with Apple pencil, see these on Android/Chrome, vice versa)
3. Palm rejection/active stylus input for annotations (touch to scroll/zoom OK)
4. Cloud syncing and importing of sheets through Google Drive (cross-platform support as I'll still use Android devices as secondary readers)
5. Ability to load my existing MobileSheets library into the iOS instance
6. Keep screen on while viewing sheets
7. Works upside-down in portrait mode (USB-C charging port on top) 

Am I asking for too much, or all these already tablestakes? Smile
The iOS will support all of those things, the same as the Android version. It is designed to be as identical as possible.

Awesome! I'm going to be happy to buy the iOS version. 

You keep the app updated so regularly, I honestly don't know how you do it. Thank you!

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