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Change annotation group by touch area not working
I have problems changing the current annotation group on my Surface pro 4. I found the option to change this by tapping in the top corners, but this just does not seem to happen. Linking the function to another tapping area gives the same (=apparently no) result. Currently, the only way I know to change the active group is opening the annotation editor, show the list and change the group using the dropdown - not really handy.

I'd like to use the feature to have different annotations when the same piece is played in different bands and I'm afraid of the situation having the right piece in front of me to play, but with the false annotations... then it would be great to be able to change quickly.

Any ideas what could be the problem? Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help in advance!

You appear to be correct - it's not working. I'll get it fixed ASAP.


I have a fix in place now for the next update which I'm trying to finish this weekend.
Great, thank you very much for the fast fix!  Smile

I guess I'll have to wait a few days until it's through the windows store's verification and then just look for updates there, or is there a faster way? It's not that I would not have the time, but I've never used this windows store for updates until now, actually... at home I'm on a mac. ;-)
The update hasn't been published yet as I decided to track down some memory leak issues. This turned out to be a really good decision. The application now performs much better and uses far less memory. I'm still finishing up testing and will release the update once that is finished. Once the update is approved, you'll either get the update automatically (if you have automatic updates enabled in the Microsoft Store) or you can search for MobileSheets and tap the update button on the store page.

Fine, thanks for writing back again and thank you very much for doing your work not only fast, but thoroughly, too! I‘m really looking forward to testing out the other new requested and confirmed features from the other threads as well, of course. Until then I‘ll continue to return to the „search for updates“ button and stop the updates of apps I don‘t use. :-)
Hi Mike,
I tested it with version 2.5.7 and it seems to work for next but not last annotation group, independent of the touch area connected.

Another idea: How about cycling through the annotation groups? This could save one touch area for another function for most users using annotation groups, I suppose.
I'll test it again, but it certainly worked both backward and forward for me when I tested before the release. It also does cycle - if you go past the end of the max number of annotation groups, it goes back to 0. You must remember that the way it works now is as follows:

1) It calculates the highest annotation group used for all pages
2) As you cycle through the annotation groups, it will use a counter to figure out what index you are on between 0 and the highest annotation group - 1
3) It will display the group closest to whatever that counter is for each page

So if page 1 has 1 annotation group and page 2 has 3 groups, if you press "next group" 2 times to view group 3 on page, then go back to page 1 and press "previous group", it's going to change the counter to 2, but page one has just one annotation group, so it will seem as nothing has happened. This is by design, because it doesn't make sense to cycle all annotation groups unevenly, and it also doesn't make sense to just hide the annotations if the page doesn't have a match because then people can't set up their songs so that they can use the same annotations for all groups on certain pages, but different groups on other pages. If you want no annotations to be shown on a page if it doesn't have a matching group, you must create an empty group.

Bottom line - create the same number of annotation groups for every page if you want annotations to be hidden when a page doesn't have a match for the current annotation group index. 

Hi Mike, your concept sounds great and well thought-through as I know and appreciate it from you! :-)
On my machine (MS Surface pro 4/Win10), it does not work though, the annotation groups seem to go weird... I tested again having your detailed information and now I suspect the cycling does not work as expected: The change of annotation groups seems to break as soon as it has cycled the first time. I just changed back to MBS and found out: It actually seems to change the groups internally but not update the display until I change to another app and back to MBS. Does this say anything useful to you? Maybe a problem with my system (I'll appreciate any hints against the wonders of windows)?
You are correct - there was a typo in the Windows 10 version. Android works correctly, but Windows 10 does not. I've fixed the one line error and it all works as it's supposed to now. I'll include this with the next release which I think I'll put together this weekend.

Sounds great, thank you very much!

Edit: Confirmed working perfectly with version 2.5.9+

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