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audio files apparently not loaded?
An issue has surfaced recently where it appears MSP is somehow not succeeding in loading audio files in the audio player.
MSP v2.4.9, on Samsung Galaxy Tab-A SM-T550, Android v7.1.1
I only noticed this yesterday. I had not used the audio player in maybe 2-3 weeks (not sure), during which time I probably picked up an update.  I know that it DID run successfully since you added the pitch+tempo adjustments. 

No files show missing when I do Settings > Other > Find missing files.
The audio file(s) appear when I edit the song in MSP, however it displays in green text, not white. Even when I remove it and re-add it.
The audio files show when I open the audio player dialog box.
There is no change in this behavior whether the 'enable experimental audio player" option in Audio Player Settings is selected or not.
The audio file plays when I use an external mp3 player app.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Hello Chris,

If you remove the audio fie, then re-add it to the song, does it still fail to play? The green text just means that audio file is currently selected. If you add multiple audio files to one song, this lets you know which one is currently selected and is playing in the audio player. If the file still fails to play after adding it again, can you send the file to mike@zubersoft.com so I can test with it? What type of file is it (.mp3, .wav, .mid, etc)?

Mike, it's an mp3 ... sending now.
I deleted + re-added, same doesn't play.
I also deleted, closed MSP, re-opened the app, added, still no.

It does not appear to be unique to the file ...
I've tried to play any number of other files, can't get any of them to play.
They are all stored in a single directory within internal storage.  I also tried copying a file up 2 directory levels, and adding in that new directory location - same, no joy.

Again thanks very much.
I think I'd like to try having you install the latest build to see if maybe it's an installation issue that will be fixed with an update. Would you be up for that? If so, I'll send the details through email.

I think so.  I'm assuming I could roll back to the current in case it raises any other issue?  As with many other users, MSP is pretty much my sole resource for access to my music library at this point.

I also checked on my Samsung J7 phone on which I also have MSP installed - same issue.  Would doing the test on the phone first be a decent option since having that device good is less critical on my end?
MSP v2.4.9 on SM-J727U, Android 7.0
Update for others who might visit this thread:
A reboot of the tablet fixed the issue.

Mike was as usual amazingly prompt + thorough in his response, here on the forum in via email.

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