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Can I hide a PDF file in a setlist?
I am in love with MobileSheets.. It has reduced my 15 lb binder down to simple tablet..  I am now pondering how to handle my set lists.. The largest benefit to me with MS is that I can link multiple PDFs to a single song and it can show up in many collections.. So when we are in practice I have easy access to all the details/versions of the song.. A lot of them I have lyric sheets and Transcription pages (ie music staff etc) which originated as separate PDFs.  I know that I can hide individual pages within the PDF using the page order feature.. But is there any way I can hide an entire PDF from showing when in a setlist or performance?

Any guidance would be appreciated.  Thanks, Tammy.
Hello Tammy,

At the moment, no, you can't hide a PDF that is part of a song. There are some features planned to help with this in the future, but for now, you'd have to either make a copy of the song and in that copy remove the other files (and then use that copy in the setlists), or you'd have to split the one song up into multiple songs. You could also just load the song with all of the files, but then use a touch action (Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Touch Action) to skip to the next song once you are finished with the current one.

Thanks, I can work with that.. BTW if you ever want to put the Library Switch function on the main menu I would be delighted.. I have to switch libraries every other day and the number clicks becomes a pain.. it is very workable the way it is but a quick link would be great.
I second that and probably have asked for it somewhere already. Overflow menu would be great. And would it be possible to make an option (to choose from the settings) which asks which library to load
if there are multiple ones (default should be loading the last one of course)?

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