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MobileSheetsPro for E-Ink Devices now available
Looks like I was incorrect and my first test was a fluke. I ran the same automated test and the tablet went to sleep in the middle my app changing pages and loading songs. So Onyx has to fix this on their end. 

Geoff - I tried simulating a tap on the screen every so often and the device still went to sleep. I believe Onyx is going processing in the OS itself in response to a finger generating a signal, so this is not something an application can override.

So I will need Onyx to fix things in their firmware because I apparently have no way to get around their screen timeout.

Don't know if this will give you any ideas


It appears to run a .mp4 continuously - not ideal but who knows!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
The very helpful support from ereader.store showed me a very good way to mitigate the problem.
The "Any Screen Timeout Plus" app can manage timeout settings that the Boox Tab X cannot handle.
If the developers of the "Any Screen Timeout Plus" app found a way to suspend sleep, then it should work in MobileSheets, right?
Now I'm finally able to practice a song for a long time without the tab switching off. With the Tab X,
this is particularly uncomfortable because the button to turn it on is very difficult to operate
I have no idea what approach the Any Screen Timeout Plus app is using if it's able to keep the screen on. I'm using the WindowManager flag to keep the screen on: https://developer.android.com/reference/..._SCREEN_ON

This is what is recommended by Google as described here in the "Keep the screen on" section: https://developer.android.com/training/s...g/wakelock

If you go into the MobileSheets settings and switch the "Keep CPU On" setting to "While Viewing Scores", that uses a wakelock, which keeps the CPU running as described on that same page. I don't think this gets past the problem, but if it does, that certainly wastes a lot more battery power. I have not tried using a broadcast receiver, as that's really meant for services, but it's another thing I could test. Really, BOOX should just fix their firmware to allow the screen to stay on if the app requests it. 



The CPU wakelock does not work to keep the screen on.

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