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Erratic audio playback after Windows 10 update
I am running Mobilesheets on a Surface Pro 2017 (M3 version)
After a Windows 10 update my headphone socket stopped working! (Weirdly it worked for about 10 days...before stopping)
I tried updating sound card drivers...but it just kept saying "No headphone jack present"....but it was.
When I removed the jack the internal speakers worked fine.
After trying for a couple of hours, and with a gig soon to start my only option was to roll back to before the Windows 10 update.
That did the trick and normal service was resumed.

Fast forward to this month.
The Windows 10 update came in again and installed itself.
Now something weird is going on.

The headphone jack socket works., but if you unplug it during play back, the internal speakers do not work.
If you exit Mobilesheets and go back...then they work.
If you plug in the headphone jack during playback, it continues on the internal speakers.
To get the headphone jack to work again, it is necessary to exit Mobilesheets, plug in the jack, then launch Mobilesheets again.
Then it works fine.

This seems weird.

Given my previous experience of nearly having to pull the gig, I am concerned that something is "wrong under the hood"

Any advice?


Hello Steve, 

I did reply to your email, but I will also reply here. The library I use for audio playback initializes to using the default audio output specified in Windows 10. If that default is switched, I'm not currently forcing that library to switch over to the new default audio output. I'm working on figuring that out right now. In the meantime, if you go into the audio player settings and uncheck the option to use the advanced audio player, then MobileSheets will switch audio outputs correctly when you plug in headphones. 

Okay, I have a fix in place for this now. After the next update is released, the default audio player will correctly handle the default audio playback device changing.


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