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Hello,I am new here , can I make a jump in a PDF, i'm a singer and for instance in Carmen, I have to make several jump in the pdf because  there are a lot of pages where  the tenor voice doesn't have to sing , how can i fix this so that in one click I jump for instance from page 10 to page 18.
Does this work in the free version as wel?
Yes, you have multiple options for how to handle this:

1) Tap the center of the score to bring up the song overlay, then tap the link point icon at the bottom right (looks like a finger tapping a circle). Tap the + button in the window, then tap on where you want to jump from, swipe to page 18 or use the page slider, then tap on where you want to jump to. Now if you tap the circle on the first page, it will jump to the second page.

2) Go to the songs tab of the library screen, long press your song to select it, tap "Edit Song" at the top of the screen, go to the files tab, tap the page order field, and change the page order of the song so that you cut out the pages you don't need or duplicate other pages to handle things like ds al coda. In your case, it sounds like you might want to have an order like "1-10,18-X" where X is the last page of the PDF.

Let me know if you need additional information.

Thks, I will try it out and when everything works well I intend to go to the pro version because I need more PDF space

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