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pro app for android won't show loaded pdf
Imported 3 tunes to the trial app and none opens the pdf chart. Instead it just spins and spins with a grey screen. 
Decided to uninstall the trial app and purchased the pro app, also for Android.
Same problem. None of the sheet music pdfs will display. 
Besides this huge disappointment, the user manuals (short and long) also just clock endlessly. (And the process of pre-loading them onto my Google Pixelbook also clocked until I gave up. Yes I'm connected to the internet.)
Anyone know why I'm so unlucky in my new purchase?
Are these two problems linked?
- James
The sounds like, for some reason, the PDF library is unable to load the files, or something else is failing internally. So the first thing to try is to go to Settings->Display Settings->Render Preference, and try changing it to "Speed". This will utilize a different PDF library. If that one also exhibits the same behavior, can you please let me know either what version of Chrome OS you are running, or if you dig into the Android settings, what Android OS version the device is running?

Thx for the quick reply. Changing to Speed did not help. At the About Android OS, there was a message saying you're "almost there and to restart" to get on the latest. Surprised at that since I restarted two days ago. Anyway, the pdf sheet music now appears, which is good. I also switched the rendering back to Quality, and that also works. As for the user manual, I'm still waiting for the app to copy the file to the tablet. This endless spinning has what average duration? I'm going to give up on that again, and ask Chrome to open it instead of the other option I've chosen to let the app copying the file somewhere on the Pixelbook. I'll be happy to hear another solution, if there is one, to seeing success by the initial choice via the app.

As promised, I aborted the user manual load hoping to select the other option to let Chrome open, since I had specifically told it to use the app once, not always going forward. However, the choice is no longer presented and both long and short user manuals yield a grey screen with no clocking. 
Keen to see the user manual on this sophisticated tool.
- James
Restarting the app has brought up the choice again for how to view the user manual. By selecting Chrome, I am seeing it fine on the internet instead of in the app.
All problems are solved unless it is important for MobileSheets to figure out why the app wouldn't load the user manual in my case.

- James
I'm glad everything is working James - sorry I wasn't able to respond sooner. The manual and quick guide are always available on my website here: https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/manual.html

As far as why the other application did not load the user guide, it's very hard to say. My application just invokes something called an intent and passes the file, and it's up to other applications to know how to load the file and view it. I've never encountered problems viewing the manual, but it seems like a fair number of other users have. I changed it to this approach because other users wanted the ability to view the manual and have access to text searching and other expected features while browsing the manual. Previously, I just used my own viewer in the app to show the manual, which at least always worked for users, but lacked a search capability, side bar for the table of contents, etc.


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