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Keyboard commands
As discussed elsewhere I think there should be more keyboard shortcuts since it is more convenient to work with the keyboard for quite a few tasks either with no touchscreen or with optional keyboards like for the surface.

I'm really missing scrolling with the arrow keys and page changing with pgup/pg down in the sheet view (maybe also pos1 and end).

Is it difficult to implement that to the W10 version?
It's not that it's difficult, I just haven't had the time to create a new screen for managing all of the key bindings (and I want the new screen to allow an unlimited number of bindings). Obviously you can use the current pedal settings screen to configure up to 6 keyboard shortcuts. So you can handle the arrow keys, pg up/pg down, etc, by assigning pedal actions to those keys. I'll work on a proper key bindings screen after the annotations rework.

please add some simple shortcuts at least. e.g. when i'm viewing a score and want to go back browsing i hit esc and expect to come back
The reason that isn't set by default has to do with how the key presses are triggered. In order to detect key presses regardless of what component has focus, I have to set up a listener for the entire window. The problem is that if you have a dialog up and hit escape to close the dialog, it will also return to the library screen then and there is absolutely nothing I can do about this due to the fact that it's being processed internally in Microsoft's code before it gets to my code. I can't detect when a dialog is up vs when it is not and process the escape key properly as Microsoft's code closes the dialog immediately so when I try to check if a dialog is up, it's already closed.

If you still want to set up the escape key to return to the library screen (despite this behavior), you can set this up yourself. Just go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal Actions and map the escape key to "Return to Library". Just takes a second to set up.


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