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Synchronizing and Song-IDs
We play in a band and all use MobileSheets on our tablets.
For some songs we have different versions (with/without capo)
We sync all tablets to a Google Drive folder which we share.
When we play a gig we would like to make a setlist on a Master tablet and sync this to the other tablets. During the set the setlist is advanced on the Master and the other tablets follow the changes.

So far, so good.

But how can we manage that our bass-player gets a version without capo and the guitar player gets a version with capo.?
I have understood that song-ids might be the solution but it is unclear to me how this works and how we could all sync to the Google Drive shared folder (which holds the songs and the database) and keep changes (new songs, corrections, ...) accesible to all.

Any tips, ideas greatly appreciated.
Sorry for how long it's taken me to respond to this (just been trying to keep up with emails and get the next updates ready). If you all sync to the same Google Drive folder, I actually think this is going to be a problem. The main reason is that the song ID linking functionality is also used by the library sync feature. So that could cause the wrong songs to be synchronized on each device. What I think you'll have to do is something a little more elaborate. Each version of a song (with capo/without, etc) will need to exist as a separate song in the library. Each user can select on the "Connect Devices" dialog how songs are matched (tap "Settings" and change the "Match songs using" field). If you match on Custom or Custom2 and use those fields to assign matching numbers, then the library sync will still work correctly, but you can link together different versions of songs on each device. By each user being able to utilize Custom or Custom2, you can at least match on two different songs from what is on the master. Let me know if this might work for your needs. If not, we will need to brainstorm what kind of changes are required.


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