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Printing song list
I am definitely a new user. First time using any type of music reader software. 

I purchased the Win 10 version in anticipation of getting an Android tablet and installing MSP on there as well. I got the Win10 version as I thought it would be easier to set up my songs, print etc...

I would like to
  • Add which band mate[s] sings the song for us, to the song title
  • Add a notation to the list of songs indicating, ready, Work in progress, new, on hold....
  • Print up my list of song titles

MSP looks to be great software, I am looking forward to becoming proficient with it and putting it to good use.

Thanks in advance for any help you nay be able to provide.

Welcome to the forums and MobileSheets! Here are some recommendations:

1) Tap the three dots at the top right corner of the library screen, then Settings->Library Settings->Song Title Format. If you want the band mate to be included in the song title, tap the song title field at the top and then decide what field you want to store band mate(s) in. You could use Custom Group (and rename it under Library Settings), or one of the other fields like Custom/Custom2. Whichever field you want to use, tap the button for that field and probably add a separate after the song title so it's easy to distinguish. You could alternatively include band mate(s) in the caption so it's just under the title
2) Load a song, tap the center to bring up the song overlay then tap the notepad at the top left. You can then add notes to the song and set them up to display automatically when the song is loaded if you want. Alternatively, tap the brush icon and you can write notes directly on top of your song pages.
3) After setting up a setlist (go to the setlist tab, tap new, tap each song to add to it), long press that setlist on the Setlists tab, tap the three dots at the top right and select "Generate Song List". You can control what fields are included in the generated list of songs under Settings->Library Settings->Generate Song Title Format.

Let me know if you have any questions.

'Add a notation to the list of songs indicating, ready, Work in progress, new, on hold....'

I use 'set list' tab for this but 'collections' would work also.
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You guys are awesome... I am making lots of headway now... thanks for the quick responses! Sorry for the delayed thanks...

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