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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.8.3 Released
MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.8.3 have been released with mainly bug fixes. The most important change to be aware of is with the "Connect Tablets" feature. Changes had to be made to the code that makes version 2.8.3 incompatible with version 2.8.2 when it comes to this feature. Devices running version 2.8.3 will not even detect devices running version 2.8.2 and attempts to connection the two versions will not work correctly. Make sure you update all of your devices to version 2.8.3 if you rely on the "Connect Tablets" feature. The changes that were made will make the reconnection code more reliable and also fixes issues on some devices where they see the same entry in their connection list multiple times, causing potential connection failures. 

The full list of changes can be found below:

Common Changes
  • Added Polish translation
  • Fixed bug with "Speed" render preference that caused some documents not to load correctly
  • The transpose dialog can now be used to reset the song to the defaults so sharp/flat is not applied at all.
  • Fixed bug with using a bluetooth pedal with book mode that could cause the pedal not to turn to the last page
  • Switched Connect Tablets feature to use unique identifiers so reconnection works even if the device IP address changes
  • Connect tablets feature will only connect to other tablets running version 2.8.3 or later.
  • Fixed bug with the Smart Button dialog not displaying the correct audio start time under certain conditions
  • Fixed bug with text documents that caused a line starting with Key: to be processed but not displayed
MobileSheetsPro v2.8.3 (Android)
  • Fixed error that prevented some users from accessing OneDrive
  • Added option to continue playing the metronome while MobileSheetsPro is in the background
  • Fixed crash involving some PDFs with unusual bookmarks
MobileSheets v2.8.3 (Windows 10)
  • Viewing the manual will now download the manual for the current language (if a different one is available)
  • Fixed issue where the name textbox would be hidden incorrectly on the export settings dialog when switching certain settings
  • Fixed bug where the quick action box wouldn't display the setlist icon correctly after being restarted
Please note that the release notes in the Windows 10 version incorrectly list the Android changes. The addition of the option to play the metronome in the background does not apply to Windows 10, and there were no previous errors with OneDrive in the Windows 10 version.


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