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App not appearing in G Suite Marketplace
I am trying to deploy MobileSheetsPro for a faculty member but the app is not appearing in G Suite Marketplace. Am I missing something?
MobileSheetsPro is not currently set up to integrate with the G Suite marketplace. It is only sold through the Google Play Store at the moment.

Do you have a way to purchase a code online and redeem in the normal app store? Our university purchasing policy does not allow for gift cards or linking purchasing card to a personal google account.
No, I don't believe Google allows codes to be purchased (it goes against their terms of service as it bypasses their 30% cut). You would have to purchase through my FastSpring store: https://zubersoft.onfastspring.com/

That version gives you a license key that you can use to run MobileSheetsPro on a single device. No accounts are needed at all for that version and there are volume discounts.

That looks like it would work, is the purchase tied to the email address we enter on that page or is that selected later?
The email address is used for order tracking (so yes, the purchase is tied to the email address and name you enter, and the license key will be emailed to that email address). The license key is completely separate and is not tied to the email address at all. 

Thanks for the help so far, it is greatly appreciated.

One more issue I have run into is that is trying to charge me tax. Is there a process to avoid that or to be reimbursed as we are tax exempt?
FastSpring is the vendor that is selling MobileSheets on my behalf, so they would handle the tax exemption. This is from their website:

Regarding Sales Tax Exemption

If a U.S. customer is buying on behalf of an organization that is exempt from paying state and local sales taxes, FastSpring can refund the sales tax after the purchase has been completed.  Alternatively, upon validating a specific customer's exempt status, FastSpring Support can create a custom order link for the customer that will prevent sales tax from being included on the initial order.

For sales tax refunds, customers can submit a copy of their tax exemption certificate or other supporting paperwork issued by the state government via https://questionacharge.com along with their order reference / order ID, and our support team will refund the sales tax back to the original payment account.

From the time our support team receives a ticket with a tax refund request, it should take no more than 24-48 hours (and probably less) until the refund has been processed and we send a reply to the customer. After that, it can take a few business days for the funds to post back to the customer's payment account.

If you contact them, they should be able to help you with this quickly (they are very responsive).


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