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next/previous collection/album etc.

a minor suggestion for a GUI improvement. I think it would be useful if one can get from an opened collection/tab etc. (actually all the tabs minus songs and recent) to the next/previous with one tap.
Maybe with a tap on the title of the collection in the blue bar which could display arrows or a next/previous at the right and left side?

It's a bit of a hassle on my surface to swipe down the upper bar with the back arrow (also not that responsive on my tablet), go back, into the next collection and hide the bar again.

(I'm moving through a lot of albums and attaching audio, so that's where the request is coming from. It would be great to have some "batch attach" for adding audio to songs already imported in MSP. 
But probably that's too complicated and too few user cases, so not actually part of this request).
I'm not sure this is really needed. It's really easy to go back to the main list of any tab - just swipe right on the list to go back (You can also tap the left arrow in the floating toolbar). You can swipe left to go back to viewing the list of songs. You don't have to drag down the Windows title bar and click the back button. If you really want arrows to advance through the main list while viewing songs, I'd need to add those in the floating toolbar at the bottom right. I can't add them in the blue header as that doesn't show up in portrait orientation. I'd prefer not to add two more icons though, as it will grow the size of that toolbar which is already fairly large.

Well, so far it wasn't that easy to go back for two reasons. On W10/Surface Pro using the back arrow is hit and miss and I often have to do it with a second or third try (tap is read as hiding the bar again or doesn't register the first time). I don't think it's my device but a W10 issue, but what do I know.

The other might be solved now through the update. Due to the memory leak slow down it often took very long to go back to the tab and to the next group. This might be better now but I still have to test it.

But I admit that a "next/previous group icon" would mostly benefit users with serious mass browsing or editing/maintaining, so probably not for the everyday use of most. (Still it would have saved me quite a lot of time and would in the future too, when I'm going through my library which is quite big as you might remember).

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