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Favourites Tab
Another suggestion for the GUI which would be handy for big databases.

Could you add another tab for favourites?

I imagine that you can set up a marker as favourites for the items in the database, so single songs but also complete collections/albums etc. and setlists can be marked as favourites and show
all up together as sort of "symlink" in the favourites tab (and disappear if you unmark them).
This is a great suggestion. I'll mark it down as an improvement once I have some more time (later this year when I've finished the work currently in my queue).

Something like that could almost be done already: just create a Collection "Favorites" and add the songs to that collection.
A shortcut to do that without having to open the song editor is a great idea.
I'd like to generalize the request: shortcuts for "add to collection" / "remove from collection" would be great.
Maybe even more than one.
Collections that I would use that for would be "Favorites", "TODO", "Temporarily Transposed"
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Glad you like it, Mike.

Itsme, though I have used collections like you suggested it's not really the same as I envision. Let me elaborate.

The obvious use for the favourites tab is to have it set as the one opened at the start of MSP and your most frequent collections, songs, setlist or whatever set up in it. In my mind the marking as favourite should be one touch/click on an icon (maybe a heart or something similar as you know it from many applications).
This should shown in and be available from the list view as well as from the song view.

The secondary use would/could be to use it as a quick scrap/temporary folder to collect items to work/edit/move etc. later. For this it would be useful to have different sorting options (including a recent one for adding to the favourites).

I often would have liked a quicker way to add/remove to and from collections as well. But I think your suggestion  is a bit of overkill. What I'd like though would be an option (probably in the overflow menu) to repeat the last action (like add to the last collection etc.) If you know Thunderbird similar to the menu item displaying a copy/move to the last used folder.
itsme - I'm assuming the existing options to add or remove songs from collections in the overflow menu when you select one or more songs are too cumbersome? How would you want the shortcuts implemented for adding to/removing from a collection?

Hi Mike

Just wonderling whether this feature is realized already. - I guess I could manage with that my need for marking or setting a flag to a song of a setlist, wäre I‘m detected some need to exercise. From the background of a setlist with 40 songs this would improve efficient exercising.

Kind regards, Alexander
Not yet - I have a large backlog I'm working through. The iPad version took quite a long time to finish so things have been on the backburner for a while.


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