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Last used tab
Hi Mike,

can you add an option to the initial tab setting like "last used tab" but not only with the last tab but also with the last group item opened in it (maybe even call it last group)? Similar to the recent tab? Thinking about it, allowing the last used group items into the recent list (as an option) would work as well. 

Also have you considered https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum...p?tid=6264 ?

Both would be helpful for maintenance work of the library (like I'm doing right now with adding a lot of audio files)
I can consider adding an option like "Last viewed tab". I don't really want to add a separate option to decide whether or not to also load the last viewed group on that tab as there is no easy way to join those two into one selection dialog without making something custom which will take more time. So that means we should decide if I should always select the last viewed group for a given tab or not. It's easy enough to go back from the selected group to the main group list (swipe or back arrow in the floating toolbar).

Probably others should chime in if they consider it useful. I think so and even a "last viewed tab" only would make it easier. 

But again the need is a bit diminished if the "slow down memory leak" is fixed and I won't have to restart MSP and navigate to the last group so often while I'm maintaining/editing my library. 
(I still like the idea of having songs, setlists and groups showing up in the recent tab, maybe with checkboxes for show songs, show groups, show setlists)

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