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Chromebook storage location
I have a brand-new Acer chromebook spin 13 cp713. I bought this one because of the 3:2 display ratio. I had a microsoft surface book before, but that gave to much troubles with the screen. The Acer seems to run fine, I have a remark and a question:
- it will not flip automatically to portrait when an Airturn is attached. I knew this before, hoped it would have been fixed, but it is not. Pressing ctr shift F3 makes it turn around.
- I cannot change the storage from the standard Android location /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/files to a location on the local storage, in Dutch: Bestanden. It thinks this is an external SD card. Is there any fix for this or is it just not possible?

thanks for you reactions,


The rotation issue is something that has to be addressed by Google in the OS - there is nothing I can do about that I'm afraid.

What storage location did you pick in the internal storage? If you pick a read-only directory, then MobileSheetsPro will reject it. 

The rotation I knew on beforehand, I just wanted to mention it, also for potential new Chromebook users.

I would like to store my files on the standard SSD of the Chromebook, subdirectory in "Bestanden", I guess that is "My files" in the English version. That is certainly not read-only for me,... I do not have an SD card in the chromebook (now).

At settings, storage location, I first choose the folder icon (left), then it shows me the actual storage and I have to choose the SD icon in the right upper corner. That gives me the choice "apparatus" and "my files". Choosing my files I can choose a folder in the "My files" on the SSD. After OK I get a screen that tells met that MobileSheetsPro needs SD-access. I do not know how to get passed this one.

I also cannot save the msf export files to a location on the Chromebook I can access. It will only work via Google Drive, it's a work around, but I would prefer to handle the files locally.
For inspiration I added a screenshot, how can I get passed this?

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So you can't use "My Files" as a destination. I'm actually not even sure what that is - Chrome seems to be mounting "My Files" as a separate storage location, but it's read-only. Applications cannot write to the folders listed under "My Files". Instead, tap the SD card icon and select "Device", then just navigate to the same folder that was referenced under "My Files" (assuming you can find it). 

Hi Mike,
I tried and with the same result. At the first choice I cannot choose the SD card icon, I have to choose the folder icon. Then I can choose root/storage and see  MyFiles. No access. So maybe it is not possible. I actually found another way to handle it. I installed the X-plore filemanager. That is able to work in both the android directories and the MyFiles directories, so then I can copy things as I like it. Solved I would say.


After a few updates it now also autorotates with the BT airturner on Bluetooth.

Using the ACER spin 13 CP713 now for a few days I am really happy with it. The 3:2 screen is a dream, which in the end is the most important for using it for sheet music. The 3:2 ratio makes that it is not too big for the music standard, it is fast and does everything now I need. Hopefully I do not run into some kind of issue.

Keep you updated,


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