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MSP 101 - basic question, getting started
I've had MobileSheets for less than 24 hours, so I have some basic questions. I looked in the manual but I didn't see the answers, sorry! I have my music on Google Drive, and I imported it to MSP on my Chromebook, and organized it with setlists and collections. If I want to access this music, with this organization, from another device, do I need to import it again, and organize it again? That's how it seems, but I'm not sure - I find that hard to believe! I must be missing something. I assumed all this would be on the cloud, or at least the organization would be on my MSP account, not on each local device.  Thanks very much!
To transfer your library, the simplest way to handle this is to create a library backup file on your first device, transfer that to your second device and then restore your library using it. To do this, open MobileSheetsPro on your first device, tap the three dots at the top right and then tap Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library. This will generate a .msb file in the folder you select which can be on the device or in the cloud. If you selected a local folder, transfer the file from that folder to the second device. Open MobileSheetsPro on the new tablet, then go to Settings->Backup and Restore->Restore Library from Backup. After the restore completes, you will have access to your entire library on that device. Let me know if you have any questions about this.

To keep the devices in sync after the initial library backup and restore, you can use the Sync Library->Sync to another device feature.

Thank you very much!  Your quick response is greatly appreciated.  That's one reason I went with MSP!

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