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Please! Simple instructions for transfer
Hello,  I am sure this has been addressed, and I have gone through the 3 pages of Windows 10 information, and worked my way through about 10 of the 24 pages of another Windows 10 search until my eyes couldn't take any more.  I am very new, and have been making progress, but I am not a techie, nor a true musician.  

I have been trying to transfer my pdf files from my Android (Samsung Tab A) to my newly purchased Windows 10 edition of the program.  I have backed up from the tablet to Google Drive, One Drive, and to a file (I think) on the desktop on my computer (from Companion?  I have no clue how I did it).  The files show on my tablet on both One Drive and Google Drive, but when I try to access them on the Windows 10 program on the PC, I cannot find them.  The file on my computer desktop says MobileSheetsPro_2020_08_14.msb.  When I try to transfer that file, it cannot be found as a .msb file.

Please help.  Either connect me with a link that will explain it simply, or tell me how to do it...simply.  I have also tried the manual, but please...it is so long and confusing.  I still don't understand what a batch file is.

Thank you, and I WILL love your program at some point. I do love it on my tablet.

Hello Dee,

If you have the .msb file on your desktop, then there is just one more step that you need to do to have your library accessible in Windows 10:

1) Open MobileSheets, tap the three dots at the top right and tap "Settings"
2) Go to "Backup and Restore" (tap it on the side), then tap "Restore Library from Backup". Tap the folder icon on the dialog to search for your .msb file.
3) Navigate to the folder containing your .msb file, select it and tap OK
4) Tap OK on the restore dialog and your library will be extracted from the .msb file
5) When the restore completes, go back to the library screen and you should then be able to access your songs.

Let me know if you run into any issues with this.


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