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One more ! Auto naming
Hello !

me again !

When importing sheets (images or pdf) is it possible that underscore _ be considered as space during the auto naming process (guess from file name) ?

Many of my sheet music are named like The_Title_of_The_Song (as I'm an old pc user, I rarely use space in files naming to avoid file system problems, a reminiscence of the earliest version of DOS ).

The_Title_of_The_Song being renamed by MobileSheets in The Title of The Song

Not very important anyway ...

Thanks again for the work you are doing.

Sam !
I must have missed this post. I can definitely add support for stripping underscores.
On a vaguely similar note, if you import a song and the name is exactly the same as another song, perhaps it could automatically fill in the Artist, Album etc from that song? Perhaps an option similar to the "Guess song names from filename" one?

I was adding various pieces yesterday and found that I was re-entering the same artists over and over again, and thought that people who add the same pieces repeatedly for different instruments might find it useful to have that option.

Hi! I'm new here & have been searching the threads, so I apologize in advance if I am asking/suggesting something that has already been discussed.

When I'm adding new songs either via the tablet or via the companion, I've noticed times when the process throws an error / fails. At first I didn't know why, but I finally realized the reason: my song title included characters like ":" or "/" that Android did not like in the file or folder name. Perhaps the app could be 'trained' to replace or strip these characters when creating the local files?

I've already discovered a "workaround" for this: I leave out those characters when I am creating the song, and then I go back and rename the song title after it has been created. This seems to avoid the error.

Hello Snard,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I never thought about users potentially using those characters in the titles, and the impact it would have on creating the local files. I'll fix it for the next update.


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