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Track title for audio tracks
When importing a new track into a song using the companion application, there is a possibility to modify the track title (which is created by default %ARTIST - %TITLE)

However, this change is never reflected in the final audio files.

What can I do to modify the track title of an audio file?

Those fields should be read-only. I don't actually allow the title to be overriden because it's gathering that information from the audio file itself. I don't modify the metadata of the audio file when it's added to the tablet. The path to the audio file also acts like it can be modified, but I never read from that field, so it should also be read-only. Sorry for the confusion. If you want to edit the audio track title, you would need to do that on your PC. If you right-click on the file in Windows and go to the properties, you may be able to modify the title under the "Details" tab. You could also use third-party software to edit the metadata.

Thanks for the response.

The use case I had was a small booklet with 8 songs

I found the music on youtube performed by: Moravian Wind Band, Josef Bnisch
When I added the MP3s I had 8 times the artist followed by title.  And the screen was to small to be able to see which song was which as the space was taken with the artist

The workaround I used:
- Copy the 8 songs into a temp folder (to keep the originals intact)
- changed the artist into the corresponding song number
- Add the 8 songs 

The result was number of the song followed by title: exactly as I wanted it.


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