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Dealing with same song, but different instruments
Sometimes I use MS as the "master" and load songs/turn pages for everyone who is linked over the Internet.  However occasionally we don't want to all refer to the same part, depending on instrument:  the "strummers" like to see chord sheets, as a keyboard player I tend to need a little more.  It would be great if, when I loaded a song, everyone could have a "instrument preference" (I use Custom Groups for this currently, as there is no "Instrument" field) and the part would load depending on their preference.  So it would need

- An Instrument field for a Song
- A way to set a preference for one or more instruments
- A way to load a song based on preference, if a choice existed for the same named song.

If there were >1 parts available for a song that matched my preferences, I'd probably need to be prompted for which part I want to use.

Even if you don't/can't include this sort of capability in the future, it would be great if you even included an "Instruments" field for a song.
That is all planned as part of the song versioning feature which I have discussed in various posts in the forums. So it will come, but it will most likely be after the iOS version is released. For allowing the user to choose what their active instrument or role is, I planned on having the selection be called "Role" instead of just "Instrument", as many people have already defined "Instrument" using the renameable Custom Group field. This also would support scenarios where someone may not be playing a particular instrument (i.e. conductor or something along those lines) but needs a different score or piece to be loaded for their role. 

I'm going to be adding additional custom groups that users can rename, so I think I would prefer that users utilize that for instruments instead of a predefined field. This is because it would be tedious for users if I add an instrument field and they already defined instrument using the custom group field.

That all makes great sense - thanks.  I'll read your other posts about "song versioning" (which I hadn't spotted).  Have you considered pinning a "Roadmap" topic to the forums to capture these sorts of plans - it might take a little more effort to maintain, but would cut down on these sorts of queries Smile

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